Mayor: Night market closure if vendors won’t stop fights

>> Sunday, October 15, 2017

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan warned that the local government will be constrained to close operation of the night market here if the vendors do not settle their petty conflicts.
            The local chief executive said it is unfortunate numerous complaints being filed with the Baguio City Market Authority (BCMA) are coming from the vendors doing business in the night market despite efforts to solve the problems.
            “We will be forced to close the operation of the night market if the vendors cannot police their own ranks. It is unfortunate that after settling problems raised by some groups of vendors, other problems crop up that take up most of their time to addressing the said issues being raised regarding the night market,” Domogan said.
            With regard the reported opposition to the approved extension of the night market along the stretch of Perfecto St. to accommodate walk-in vendors, he explained that those who signified their opposition to the proposed extension are the ones doing business in the night market along Harrison road, which is obviously tainted with personal interest.
            According to him, the extension of the night market along Perfecto St. is primarily intended to provide sustainable sources of livelihood to the hundreds of vendors who are always lining up in the market office waiting for available slots at the night market.
            Domogan said the claim of some night market vendors that the approved extension of the night market will result to most of them incurring losses in supposed income, saying that if it is true that the vendors are not earning from the nightly activity, then they should have stopped participating in the night market to allow other interested vendors to do their trade.
            He appealed to the vendors to continue policing their own ranks and for them to settle their petty differences among themselves so as not to continue putting the burden to the BCMA as well as for them to understand the wisdom of the extension of the night market along Perfecto St. which will be closed to traffic from 9 pm onwards for the night market extension.
            The City Engineering Office is now working on the installation of lighting facilities along Perfecto St. and markings to ascertain actual number of available slots which could be given to walk-in vendors once the area will be operational.
            He claimed instead of the walk-in vendors having to line up in the market office daily uncertain of their chance to do their trade, it is best to share in the benefits of the night market by giving them the chance to earn income along Perfecto St..

            He said no one has the monopoly of knowledge in deciding what will be the best in the conduct of the night market, thus, the decision of the BCMA is a collective one. -- Dexter A. See


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