Mt Province mayor resting in car repeatedly stabbed

>> Saturday, October 14, 2017

PARACELIS, Mountain Province -- The mayor of this town was wounded in a stabbing incident Tuesday afternoon in Santiago City.
Avelino Amangyen was resting in his car parked near a bank in the city when an unidentified man opened the door and stabbed him several times.
Amangyen was taken to a hospital in critical condition for treatment.
Police said they were still trying to know motive of the attack like politics or business deals and have launched a manhunt for the perpetrator.
This, as concerned citizens of Paracelis urged police to make a speedy and exhaustive investigation so it would be known if the mayor’s assailant was acting on his own or was ordered by a mastermind to carry out the crime.
This, considering elections are just a few months away.


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