Student mauled, left for dead in sack cheats death

>> Sunday, October 22, 2017

TADIAN, Mountain Province – A student escaped death here after he was mauled by laborers who thought he was dead and placed inside a sack with both his hands tied.
The victim was identified as Jomar Accap Tammocho, male, single, 22, 3rd year BSCE college student and a caretaker of the house of a certain engineer Ronuldo Fattit here at Egan, Poblacion.
Police said they received a call from Luis Hora Regional Memorial Hospital of adjacent Bauko town they were treating a man who was mauled here at Sitio Sagang Poblacion.
Tammocho was reportedly admitted in the hospital around 4:40 a.m. of Oct. 15.
The victim told police on Oct. 14, he worked as laborer at Sitio Sagang, Poblacion, Tadian with his co-workers identified as Cliton Pangcawey, Tipen Pengo Lipas, Marlon Perez, Jumar  Akilit, Amor Laguitan, Ahjhay Mosawan, Jonil Pitan, Jemae Saligen, Ark Agalpao, Glen De Guzman and the owner of the house identified as Wulber Pangcawey aka Abel.
At around p.m. that day, they had a drinking session. After consuming several bottles of Ginebra San Miguel, some of them took dinner ahead and went home.
Wulber and Cliton, Perez, Lipas and the victim continued their drinking session. After a while, the victim was advised to take his dinner ahead which he obeyed.
While putting rice on his plate, one of his co-workers stood beside him and placed his hand on top of his shoulder.
Suddenly, the others hit the victim on his head with unidentified object that made him unconscious.
When the victim regained consciousness, he pretended to be unresponsive then he heard the voice of Wulber saying: “Uston, natey et sa. (That’s enough. He is already dead.)” 
Then he felt all his clothes were removed including his underwear.  
He said half of his body from head to hip was placed inside a sack with both wrists tied behind his back.
He then felt his body being carried from the house going to a vehicle.
When the vehicle was in motion, he exerted effort and untied his wrist and removed the sack from his body.
Out of nervousness, he jumped out from the vehicle along the road at Sitio Ambetac, Poblacion and hid.
The victim went to said hospital for medication wherein he was confined due to multiple injuries.
Dr. Climpson Camide, attending physician said he was in stable condition at press time.

The police report did not say if Tammocho’s assailants were arrested.


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