Health execs seek public help as HIV-AIDS cases increase

>> Sunday, June 24, 2018

By Alpine L. Killa 

BONTOC, Mountain Province – Health officials raised alarm  due to rising cases of folks getting afflicted Human Immune Virus – Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV-AIDS) in the region.
Saying fighting the dreaded disease should be an everyday campaign, officials said it could “spread like wildfire if left unchecked.” 
Municipal Health Office and Rural Health Unit officials
bared this during a recent occasion to raise awareness against the disease.
Mayor Franklin C. Odsey, Vice Mayor Eusebio Kabluyen, development management officer Claudio Pancho of Dept. of Health provincial office and municipal department heads lighted candles at the stage of the Eyeb open gym in remembrance of those who died because of the disease and offer prayers for those battling HIV-AIDS.
Municipal health officer Dr. Diga Kay D. Gomez said HIV is transmitted from one human being to another through unprotected penetrative sexual intercourse with an infected partner; unsafe blood transfusion, unsafe injection; and from an HIV-infected mother to her child during pregnancy, labour, delivery and through breast feeding.
Accordingly, HIV hits the body’s defense mechanism that act against viruses.
Immunodeficiency means that the body is unable to fight infections making it susceptible to pneumonia, tuberculosis and cancer.
AIDS refers to clinical manifestation of HIV infection that are only seen when the body falls ill due to opportunistic infections.
Gomez said HIV cannot be transmitted through air, urine and feces; mosquito bite; talking with person with HIV; borrowing clothes from an HIV-infected person; sharing utensils and drinking from the same glass with person living with HIV; shaking of hands, embracing and kissing; toilets; and swimming pool.
However, she added HIV-AIDS can spread like wildfire.
With this, she bared the ABC method to avoid and prevent the transmission of HIV-AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).
ABC stands for Abstinence, Being faithful or loyal to your partner and Correct and consistent use of condom.
 Gomez urged the public to be advocates in informing the public of how HIV-AIDS is transmitted, the misconceptions on HIV-AIDS and how to avoid and prevent the transmission of HIV-AIDS and STIs.
Odsey expressed the support of Bontoc local government with their commitment in eradicating the disease, increasing awareness and fostering understanding to the victims.
The mayor also urged involvement of all concerned government agencies and various stakeholders in massive information education campaign for everyone to practice safe sex as a means to avoid infection.


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