Cordillera nutrition program winners bared

>> Thursday, July 5, 2018

BAGUIO CITY - - The regional nutrition evaluation team has come out with list of   outstanding performers in the field of nutrition program management in the region.
The list is based on the results of monitoring and evaluation of local level plan implementation and the 2017 Search for the Regional Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (ROBNS) conducted by the RNET.
Candice Willy of the   Dept. of Health and RNETo Cordillera Administrative Region chairperson, said although   still for validation by National Nutrition Evaluation Team,   this year’s “green banner” awardee for provincial level was Benguet and  GBA in the municipal level was Tublay, in Benguet.    
There was no winner for the GBA for city level because Tabuk City was not able to meet the cut-off score of 85 while Baguio City was being evaluated by the NNET.
Topping the 2017 regional outstanding barangay nutrition scholar was Imelda Dagupon of Barangay, Imelda Village in Baguio City followed by Divina Guilanda of Barangay Sagpat, Kibungan, Benguet.  
At third was Maribel Bu-ucan of Poblacion East, Lamut, Ifugao.
Fourth was  Florita Agulin of Barangay Bawaan in Balbalan, Kalinga while fifth was Guillerma Wagsingan of Barangay Tuga, in Tabuk City.
Willy said there were no contenders from other provinces since they failed to meet  requirements.
The MELLPI is being done annually to monitor and evaluate the performance of LGUs in the management of their nutrition program including its impact on target groups.
Awards and recognition aim not just to recognize outstanding LGUs in terms of nutrition but also for them to serve as guide and inspiration to others   in helping alleviate malnutrition in the region. -- PIA CAR



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