Depressed laborer commits suicide

>> Thursday, July 5, 2018

BANAUE, Ifugao – A laborer committed suicide here Thursday by drinking herbicide due to depression.
The victim was identified as Erning Anaa Nginhena, 32, single.
A police report said Jessie Biniahan, barangay captain of Cambulo, reported to police the incident saying it transpired at the house of a certain Paulina Romrom, the victim’s aunt in Sitio Mattaw where the victim was staying.
Investigation disclosed the victim was lonely, often sitting in one place and talking to himself while mentioning the names of his mother and grandparents who passed away as observed by his sister and neighbors.
Around 7 a.m. on Wednesday, relatives and neighbors saw the victim vomiting near their house but no one asked or sent him to the hospital knowing that he might have eaten something causing him to vomit. The victim then slept at the sala while the relatives and neighbors went to till their fields.
When they returned, they saw the victim still asleep at the sala. At around midnight, his aunt went to urinate,  passed by the sala and noticed the victim was still sleeping.
She checked on him but he was already lifeless. Relatives and neighbors found an empty bottle of Gramoxone (herbicide) inside the native house which was allegedly drank by the victim before he vomited.
They checked what the victim vomited and smelled scent of the herbicide.
The family accepted the fate of the victim saying they were not interested to ask for thorough investigation knowing the victim committed suicide.


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