Tuba water system plan up in two weeks

>> Sunday, July 8, 2018

By Primo Agatep
TUBA, Benguet -- The waterworks system project engineering plan intended for this upland town is up for submission in two weeks, Councilor Jerome Palaoag said last week.
Palaoag, who was tasked by Mayor Ignacio Rivera to oversee the project, said the engineering plan is still being prepared by the municipal engineering office but he expects it to be submitted on time.
Upon submission and once approved, the bidding process will start, he said.
The project is under the Comprehensive Development and Annual Priority Investment Plans of the municipality, which was allocated an initial budget of PHP30 million. It has three stages -- the sourcing of water, development of pipelines and water tanks, and the distribution of water to consumers.
The water will be sourced from the Adafang Spring, which is located in Barangay Poblacion.
Initially, the project will benefit about 7,000 residents of Barangay Poblacion and the nearby Sta. Lucia housing project.
Palaoag echoed Rivera’s plan that the waterworks system should be operated and managed by the municipality through a separate department or unit that would serve as an “economic enterprise.”
The mayor earlier said the project would guarantee sustainable water supply for the town’s growing population, especially considering its increasing economic activities. -- PNA 


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