Lopez bares plans for DENR, partnership with stakeholders

>> Thursday, July 28, 2016

 Environment Secretary Gina Lopez has vowed to build stronger working ties with all stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of environmental programs of the Duterte administration.
            In her presentation during the general membership meeting of the Financial Executive Institute of the Philippines or FINEX at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati City on July 20, Lopez emphasized the importance of working together with other government agencies, the private sector and the civil society in implementing the programs of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
To increase the impact of environmental programs at less cost, Lopez said she will work towards institutionalizing the participation of the civil society in environment and natural resource management by setting up a civil society organization (CSO) arm within the DENR.
"Civil society should be the one to protect the environment. We can accomplish this together," Lopez said. 
Lopez said her primary focus is to improve the quality of life for poor people by providing them alternative source of livelihoods that promote the preservation of the environment and natural resources. 
"The environment is being desecrated because of poverty," she pointed out. 
Lopez noted how the funds for the National Greening Program (NGP), the government's massive reforestation initiative that has been extended until 2028, "could be funneled into the economy through farmers, fishermen, and the youth.”
She said the NGP sites would be used to create economic zones through agro-forestry “so that people would grow and care for the trees that they plant and they can earn from it.” 
Lopez said she is willing to collaborate with other Cabinet members to ensure the success of the administration's environmental programs and projects. As an example, she cited the commitment expressed by Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa to run after illegal loggers and fishers, and other violators of environmental laws.
The environment chief also reiterated her interest and willingness to work with the youth sector. "I want to capture their idealism and energy into doing something for the environment and the people," she said. 
Lopez said the DENR would tap the academe and some government agencies in building "island models" to showcase convergence approach in developing the environment.
She identified six areas as potential island models. These are Oriental Mindoro, Sibuyan island in Romblon, Palawan, Sorsogon, Guimaras and Batangas.
​            The DENR secretary also declared every Wednesday as "People's Day" in all DENR offices nationwide to allow officials and employees address public concern and queries starting August 10.

She also announced the DENR’s new hotline for inquiries, 0917-522-9344, as well as the new email address aksyonkalikasan@denr.gov.ph


Fungal disease feared to shrink onion supply

BADOC, Ilocos Norte – A decline in onion supply from Ilocos Norte is feared in the coming weeks due to the prevalence of fungal disease infection in “shallot tagalog” (native red onion) farms.
This year’s planting season, the areas planted with the red onion variety in Badoc town have dwindled by almost 50 percent because of the sudden occurrence of the plant disease, said Agricultural Technologist Cornelio Dinong.
Dinong said the most common type of fungal diseases in onions – the “anthracnose” and the “purple blotch” – usually develop during the drizzle and rainy periods. The occurrence of the diseases is aggravated by the abrupt changing of climate.
“Some farmers in our town have chosen to grow hybrid corn, mongo and high-value vegetables in their field in lieu to onion,” he said.
To eliminate the existence of the fungal disease-causing microorganisms in the farm, local farmers should practice soil sterilization and crop rotation before they plant onions.
Despite the decline in Badoc town’s land area planted with onion by almost 500 hectares, the town remains the top onion producer in the province. This developed as the annual average land area planted with the crop in the 18 other towns and cities in the province are ranging from one hectare to 200 hectares.
Data from the Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) from 2010 to 2015 showed that the annual average area of farm land in Badoc town planted with red shallot onion variety was 1,000 hectares with 659 farmers and had an average production of 9.5 metric tons per hectare.


21 laws aimed at bringing discipline back to Dagupan

By Jojo Rinoza

DAGUPAN CITY, Pangasinan – Motivated by President Duterte’s call for law and order, the mayor of this city has created a task force that will advocate and implement discipline among citizens with 21 city ordinances as their guide.
Mayor Belen Fernandez has called on her constituents and visitors of the city to cooperate in the strict observance of ordinances on public behavior and discipline – dubbed “Artikulong Beinte-Uno.”
With the creation of the city’s “Task Force Discipline,” there will be a massive information drive and campaign in every barangay to instill public discipline based on the 21 standing ordinances.
“           The task force’s mandate is to instill discipline in our people by persuading them as much as possible to observe the provisions of the ordinances,” explained the mayor.
“But when the need arises, as in the case of people who have constantly defied the law or those who have adamantly observed the law, then we have no choice but to enforce the true intent of the law,” she said.

“Artikulong Bente Uno: Disiplina Para Umasenso” prohibits: 1)  Littering; 2) Wearing of sando; sleeveless shirts; short pants; slippers while operating a PUV; 3) Spitting in public; 4) Urinating and defecating in places other than designated comfort rooms; 5) Vandalism; 6) Selling to liquor to minors; 7) Drinking liquor by a minor at any area; 8) Allowing rental of electronic video games by commercial establishments to children during school hours; 9) Admitting minors in the computer game houses and similar establishments; 10) permitting; inducing and abetting minors to play computer/video games during school days; 11) Allowing customers to engage in cybersex and cyber pornography; 12) Neglecting children by allowing them to roam the streets during curfew hours; 13) Soliciting; negotiating and purchasing sexual services; 14) Promoting or brokering the flesh trade;15) Smoking in public; 16) Operation of unenclosed videoke bars with sounds that are not contained beyond 7p.m.; 17) Unregistered Videoke machines; 18) Noise from any singing activity; 19) Drinking in public roads and sidewalks; 20) Allowing stray animals to roam around public places; and 21) Wandering the public places and streets whether naked or half-naked.


Baguio offers to buy tree park to make it mini-forest

By Aileen P. Refuerzo

BAGUIO CITY – The city government has offered to purchase the tree park within the Baguio Convention Center reservation from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) to maintain it as a mini-forest.
Mayor Mauricio Domogan formalized the offer first manifested last April by city legal officer Melchor Carlos Rabanes during the hearing of the civil case between the city and the GSIS over the property.
       In a letter to GSIS president and general manager Robert Vergara dated July 12, the mayor tendered an amount he described as a “fair compensation” for the area considering that the “intended purchase of the lot serves no purpose but to preserve the lot as is, it being the only forested part of the urbanized area to enhance the environment.”
“We beg the indulgence of GSIS on this matter,” he said.
“We understand that GSIS has plans to convert this forested lot into something that would augment the              GSIS’ retirement plans and its actuarial solvency.  But the City Government is well-aware of the clamor of Baguio residents to preserve this lot as forested.  We thus have no choice but to hearken to the people’s will,” the mayor said.
He assured that the property would remain as “a forested area and retain its zoning classification as park and garden to complement the Baguio Convention Center which we earlier acquired from GSIS.”
          In 2012, the area was eyed for development into a condotel and commercial complex by the GSIS and the SM Development Corporation but strong opposition from the public and the city officials prevented the venture from materializing.
The GSIS even filed an administrative case against  past and present city officials over the botched project before the Office of the Ombudsman “for usurpation of legislative powers and violation of Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices” for passing and implementing Ordinance No. 51 series of 2001 or the Revised Comprehensive Zoning Regulations of the city which was the basis of the city in disapproving the GSIS’ application for a building permit for its condotel project dubbed Baguio Air Residences.
         They claimed the disapproval of the project denied the GSIS the chance to augment its actuarial funds and that Ordinance No. 51-2001 which declared the area as a park and garden cannot supplant Presidential Decree 396. 
The parties later negotiated and agreed to pursue a land swap deal so the city can acquire the tree park.
The city then offered its titled property along Gibraltar Road but the deal did not push through after the lot was included in those issued Certificates of Ancestral Land Titles (CALTs) by the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP).
This prompted the city to consider purchasing the tree park instead.
The tree park is one of the few remaining pinestands in the city.  The status of its ownership has been questioned because of the overlapping coverage of the Original Certificate of Title No. 1.
GSIS however maintained that the lot is covered by Presidential Decree 396 issued by former President Ferdinand Marcos which intended the subject area under the ownership of GSIS to augment its retirement funds and actuarial solvency. – Aileen P. Refuerzo


Road cuts prevent tourists’, motorists’ access to Sagada

By Gina Dizon

SAGADA, Mountain Province -- Road cuts in this tourist town are preventing access to motorists since these have not yet been restored since landslides occurred early May.
A major landslide at  BarangayTaccong  located just above the Inakang bridge created a road cut and collapsed the retaining wall seemingly devoid of  steel reinforcement  obviously due to heavy pressure from  forceful waters ramming into the walls of the structure.  
The road cut prevents motorists from crossing to the connecting Sabangan-Sagada road via Madepdeppas  either towards the direction to Sagada or southbound to Sabangan and Bauko.
Bauko mayor  Abraham Akilit said the road cut prevents  tourists coming from Sagada  to Bauko. The Sabangan-Bauko road  is connected to two major routes to the Ilocos and Baguio City.   
Residents of  nearby Taccong and Nacagang have to carry their farm products for market  via  nearby Suyo barangay and/or  at the Inakang Bridge where transportation is found to reach market outlets in Sagada or Bontoc.
The  P124 million Taccong-Sagada  continues the P100 million Sabangan-Sagada road project covered within the  convergence  program of both the Department of  Tourism (DTI) and the Department of  Public works and Highways (DPWH) in furtherance of tourism potential  areas.
The  P124 million project was awarded to BMK Construction and the rest of the completion of concreting work on same road  to ET Latawan Construction.  
Meantime, here along the Kanipawan farm to market road  at  Antadao barangay, a landslide for quite some time has not yet been restored along the road section located below the building owned by former mayor EduadoLatawan Jr.
This Kanipawan  FMR  was constructed in 2014 with some funds controversially realigned from the  P15 million Tanulong-Madongo road funded by PAMANA.    
Notice of the construction of the Kanipawan farm to market road was issued by the late regional director  Marilyn Sta Catalina September 2013 with project amount  P3.5 million to Robert Bayo of  Rhob Construction and Engineering Services based in San Vicente Baguio City.


Ifugao police PAC mulls expanding membership

By Daniel B. Codamon

LAGAWE, Ifugao -- The replacement of inactive members and recruitment of additional members to represent the youth sector, women, non-government organizations and other interest groups  is being mulled by  Provincial Advisory Council(PAC) of the Ifugao Provincial Police Office to make the body more multi-sectoral and effective.
The PAC as required in the police governance system  is a multi-sectoral governance council or advisory group composed of sectoral leaders or individuals known for their integrity, probity and leadership established to support the PNP in the successful implementation and monitoring of its strategic transformation roadmap call Peace and Order Agenda for Transformation and upholding of the Rule of Law or PATROL Plan 2030.
The group assists the police in identifying key priority areas, evaluation and revision of strategies for implementation and helps in the generation of enabling resources for the enforcement of laws, prevention and control of crimes, maintenance of peace and order and ensures public safety and internal security.
 Also discussed during the meeting were the installation of closed circuit televisions  in the capital town of Lagawe and on how to address the increase of rape cases in the province.
The PNP also the informed PAC members of their E-Learning examination, and  the election of a new chairman of the group with the change of administration in the provincial government.


70-year-old ‘witch’ shot dead in Cagayan

By Raymund Catindig

STA. TERESITA, Cagayan --- A 70-year-old woman accused of practicing witchcraft was shot dead by unidentified assailants here last week.
EstrellaSape was found bloodied by her son Eric, 34, in a forested area of Barangay Aridowen.
Town police chief Senior Inspector Manuel Viloria Jr. said Eric heard a burst of gunfire coming from the forest at around 9 a.m. on July 15, but he ignored it.
When Sape failed to come home for lunch, he went out to look for her.

Viloria said the victim had been receiving death threats for allegedly casting spells on the villagers.


2 kids buried in Isabela landslide

By Raymund Catindig

NAGUILIAN, Isabela -- Two children were buried alive in a landslide here July 16.
        Rose Ann Aguinaldo and Justin Orpiano, both six years old, were playing with other children on the bank of a river in Barangay Palattao when the soil collapsed, according to Chief Inspector Sherwin Concha, town police chief.
The children’s mothers were washing clothes nearby when the incident occurred.

         Villagers managed to rescue the children except Aquinaldo and Orpiano, whose bodies were recovered later.



220 druggies surrender in Bauko
BAUKO, Mountain Province -- Sixty one vehicles with six hundred riders joined the anti-illegal drug campaign motorcade held last July 16, 2016 in this municipality in support of President Duterte’s anti-drug even as a total of 220 surrenderees were reported in this town.
All vehicles carried slogans with messages against illegal drug use. Participants were mobilized by 22 barangay captains and 10 municipal officials led by Mayor Abraham B. Akilit.
A short program was held at the Bauko-LGU sub office in barangay Mount Data. Guest speaker Senior Supt. Cornelio P. Comila, provincial police director called for the surrender of all users and pushers of illegal drugs.
Mayor Abraham B. Akilit urged cooperation of all residents against illegal drug operations in the municipality. Bauko police chief Roy T.  Awisan said there were 177 surrenderees in Bauko and may rise up until the deadline on July 30.  There were additional 43, as of this writing, to make a total of 220 surrenderees. Concerned individuals may call  Bauko PNP hotline 09293302778 for related concerns and other police matters. He thanked the 22 barangay captains and the municipal officials for their support and cooperation. – Arsenia Addon

Abreco worker nabbed for attempted rape
BANGUED, Abra – Police arrested Paterno Abero Bringas, 43, disconnection line man of Abara Electric Co. here Thursday for attempted rape. Judge Corpus B. Alzate, presiding judge, RTC Branch 2, Bangued issued warrant for his arrest setting bail of P120,000 for his temporary liberty.

Medical technologist  nabbed for lasciviousness
BAUKO, Mountain Province – Cops nabbed a medical technologist here at Barangay Abatan Thursday for acts of lasciviousness. He was identified as. John Jan CutengJoven, 42,  native of Barlig town and presently residing here at Poblacion.
Jocelyn Pespes-Humiwat, presiding judge, MCTC, Bauko issued his arrest warrant and set bail  of P20,000 for each of two cases.

Farmer nabbed for rape in Tuba
TUBA, Benguet – Cops arrested a farmer here Thursday for rape at SitioAyusi, Tadiangan. Nabbed was Leonardo Apsi Tuguinay, 63.Rufus Malecdan Jr., presiding judge of RTC Branch 9, La Trinidad, Benguet issued warrant for his arrest and recommended no bail.

Truck, motorcycle collide; one hurt
ATOK, Benguet – A person was seriously hurt when a motoprcyle and truck collided here Tuesday at about 2 p.m. along Halsema Highway at Barangay Cattubo. The Isuzu Elf Truck was driven by Edwin Pasigon Ponasen, 47, farmer while the motorcycle was driven by Edgar Pinao-an Lindawan, 19.
Investigation disclosed the chicken dung was loaded on the truck and riven to the highway when the motorcycle suddenly appeared and collided with the truck. As a result, the back rider of the said motorcycle identified as Sherwin Wans iSumakey, 34, fell and injured on his head. He was brought to the Atok District Hospital, Sayangan, and later brought to Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center for further medication. Both involved drivers with the father of the victim agreed to amicably settle the case.

Farmer jailed for violence with intimidation
ALFONSO LISTA, Ifugao – Police arrested here Tuesday a certain Ruben Garcia De Guzman a.k.a. “kalinga”, 50, farmer for violence with intimidation. He was arrested at his residence following warrant issued by Presiding Judge Rufus G. Malecdan Jr. of RTC Branch 15, Alfonso Lista.Malecdan set bail at P100,000 for his temporary liberty.

Washing machine, bought, stolen in Tiong San store
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – A certain Edgar Ito Pedro, 38, lodged a complaint with police saying he purchased a washing machine at Tiongsan Department Store here along km 4. Later the delivery boy of said establishment brought the item to the parking area where the car of the victim was parked and loaded the machine into it. Later, the complainant with a family member went to eat lunch. The complainant returned to the parking area and discovered that the washing machine loaded to their car was missing. They tried to locate the same missing item but no to avail.
Man stabbed dead in La  Trinidad drinking session  
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – A drinking spree resulted to the stabbing of a man here July 17 at Barangay Lubas around 9:30 a.m.
Police named the victim as Edwin Bumatay Abaya, 26, while the suspect was identified as ArjayRoldan Guzman.
 Investigation disclosed that the suspect and his cousin Joey Guzman was drinking inside their boarding house when the victim joined them. While they were drinking the victim and the suspect had a heated argument until the victim punched the suspect. The suspect then told the victim “uston manong ta han me sika  patulan (We won’t fight with you)” but the victim was unruly until the suspect grabbed a bottle and hit the victim’s head causing him to fall on the floor. The suspect stabbed the neck and chest of the victim. After the incident the suspect together with his cousin Joey Guzman ran away.
The victim was brought to Benguet General Hospital by his live in partner Marilyn Loyosen but pronounced dead on arrival by Dr. OdlanyerP.Videz. The remains of victim was brought to Benguet General Hospital morgue for t autopsy.

Man stabbed dead in Itogon  
ITOGON, Benguet – A man was stabbed dead here July 17 around 9:46 p.m. at SitioInduyas, Upper Mangga. A village watchman identified as Jun Pisec Segundo named the victim as  Dean Martin TinongAlvester. The suspect was identified as Ronald Contrillas Adriano, 31, miner.           
Investigation disclosed the victim went at the house of BertoTinongBangkado, his cousin, and joined his relatives who were having ar drinking spree together with the suspect who was under the influence of liquor. The victim and the suspect had a misunderstanding that resulted in a heated argument then suspect brought a knife and slashed the neck and stabbed the victim.
Relatives of the victim who were present at that time held the suspect to so he will not escape. Police brought the victim to the Baguio General Hospital where he was declared declared on arrival by Dr. Glenn Meana. The arrested suspect was brought to Itogon police station.

Man lands in jail for murder
LANGIDEN,Abra – Polcie arrested July 17a certain  Amado Calayuan Baruela, 36 for murder after warrant was issued against him by Judge Corpus B. Alzate, RTC Branch 2, Bangued, Abra who set no bail.

Violation of RA 9165 lands man in jail
BONTOC, Mountain Province – Police nabbed July 17 a certain Timothy Faclangen in Barangay Alab after warrant was issued against him by Joseph A. Patnaan of RTC Br. 35, Bontoc, Mt. Province for violation of Republic Act 9165.

Farmer commits suicide in Natonin  
NATONIN, Mountain Province – A farmer allegedly committed suicide here July 16 around 9 p.m. at Purok 4 Poblacion. The victim was named as Jack Lawini Bagoyboy, 39.
Investigation disclosed the victim’s father Nicasio Bagoyboy, left the victim seating at their sala and went inside their room to sleep. Later, he heard a gunshot prompting him to open the door and saw his son lying on the floor with his air gun and blood oozing from his nose and mouth. Nicasio immediately called for assistance of their neighbors and brought the victim to Natonin Community Hospital but pronounced was pronounced dead on arrival by Dr. Babylyn G. Agagon.
Retired Kalinga colonel nabbed for illegal gun
PINUKPUK, Kalinga – A retired army colonel here was nabbed for an illegal gun at checkpoint along Balbalan- Pinukpuk national Road at Barangay, Taga. Police flagged down a Toyota van inspection. The driver of said vehicle identified himself as Colonel Gamonac then suddenly sped off from the checkpoint but police  chased and caught the vehicle at the checkpoint of the Philippine Army based at Barangay Taga. During the inspection, the driver was identified as Ret. Col. Leno AnnoguiGammonac, 71, of Bulanao, Tabuk City.
Cops saw a Cal. 45 pistol placed at the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Gammonac showed an expired gun license that prompted the policemen to put him under arrest and confiscated his firearm described as Cal. 45 pistol with seven bullets.
          The arrested suspect and the confiscated items were brought to Pinukpuk police station.

Miner arrested for frustrated murder 
ITOGON, Benguet – Police nabbed Jonathan Banasan Gadosa.k.aJojo, 41,  miner, native of Tabuk City here recently for frustrated murder. Jennifer P. Humiding, Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 63, La Trinidad, who issued warrant against him set bail at P100,000.

Spurned Nigerian jailed for punching lady
BAGUIO CITY – A Nigerian national was arrested for punching a lady here July 10 around 5:45 a.m. outside the Spade Bar located here along Kisad Road. Victim Daphny Leg-owen Cobcobo, 23, filed charges against Agu Agustin Chukwwebuka, 28, student oft University of the Cordilleras, Nigerian national. Investigation disclosed the victim and her friends were drinking inside the bar when the suspect approached her and placed his arms around her shoulder. She resisted that resulted in a commotion between them until they were pacified by the bouncer. The victim with her friends went outside where the suspect followed them then suddenly threw a cigarette butt on her face prompting her to punch the face of the suspect who also punched her back on the face.

Man stabbed along Baguio public market
BAGUIO CITY – A man was stabbed here July 10 around 10 p.m. along Hanger Market identified as  AudreyTelloEdos, 21, miner, resident of Loacan, Itogon. The suspect who stabbed him once at his left abdomen is still unidentified.
 Investigation disclosed  victim and companions went to Althea’s bar located at the  public market to unwind. After consuming 1 bottle of gin, victim and one companion identified as LitoBinnongHunnob decided to continue their drinking spree  at Baguio Country Sounds located at Upper Magsaysay.
While walking along Hangar market, three unidentified male persons challenged them to a fistfight. A commotion ensued but was immediately stopped as suspect’s group scampered to unknown direction upon seeing a mobile patrol descending near the area. Victim and companion then walked towards Upper Magsaysay, when he noticed blood in his T-shirt and discovered that he had a stab wound. Police              brought him to the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center for treatment.

Widower stabbed  dead by son-in-law 
PENARUBIA, Abra – A farmer was stabbed dead here July 10 at about 9 p.m. at Sitio Galgalinis, Poblacion, PeƱarrubia. The victim was identified as Roberto Baluawe Malangen, 58, widower, of Pidigan town while the suspect was his son in-law identified as  Jessie Fernandez Reyes Jr., 37, farmer, resident  of Galgalinis. 
Investigation disclosed that the victim was watching television when the suspect, who was under the influence of liquor, arrived and suddenly uttered in Ilocano dialect “Apay kanayon ak nga ikaskasta (Why do you do this to me all the time).” The suspect approached the victim and stabbed his back several times and left side of his body. The victim was rushed to the Abra Provincial Hospital, Bangued, Abra but was pronounced dead on arrival by his attending physician.
Police arrested the suspect inside the St. Therese Church, Little Flower, Poblacion. The suspect was immediately brought to Abra Provincial Hospital for examination and is now under  custody of PeƱarrubia police. Weapon was unrecovered.

Man jailed for ‘stealing’ P220,000
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – A man was jailed here last week for reportedly stealing cash of P220,000 from an office. A police report said a certain Ismael Tuyaon Danglipen, 47, a resident of FA-146 KM 5, Barangay Balili told police their office located at the Langbis Bldg., Trading Post, 5 here was robbed by unidentified suspect/s.
Around 6 p.m., she discovered that the air vent of their office door was detached. She also discovered that the cover of his drawer was detached and the P220,000 was missing from the P400,000.00 kept therein. According to his employee, Celorde Espada, he saw JimzonCuevaNaabus, (cousin of the complainant), roaming near the entrance of their office.
The complainant accompanied by Espada confronted Naabus at his residence in Barangay Pico where he admitted stealing the money. The complainant arrested the suspect and turned him over to La Trinidad police Station. Only P23,000 was recovered from the suspect. .

Brothers maul farmer over spilled soil
BAUKO, Mountain Province – Two brothers mauled a man here Monday for complaining that the soil they were excavating spilled over to a pathway near his house endangering passersby since it became slippery.
A police report said the incident happened at the Poblacion wherein the victim was identified as Leonardo BatikilTicay, 56, farmer while the suspects were brothers Daniel and Renato Calayan.
          Investigation disclosed their verbal altercation made the suspects maul the victim. The victim was brought to Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital for medical treatment.

Drinking bout inside tent leads to stabbing
BAUKO, Mountain Province – A drinking bout inside a tent resulted to stabbing of a farmer here Monday around 9:35 p.m. a police report said the incident happened along a road at SitioBalicanao, Sadsadan, wherein the victim was named as Rommel Fontana Malukong, 27, of PozorubioPangasinan. The suspect was Ryan DapdapigGayo, 33, farmer.
Investigation disclosed the two had a heated argument the suspect stabbed the victim on his back. Gayo fled to unknown direction. Jun Lopez also, a farmer, brought the victim to the Luis Hora Regional Memorial Hospital in Barangay Abatan where ghe was confined.

Abra gov’t worker, farmer surrender guns 
LUBA, Abra – A municipal government employee identified as Marcelo C. Biscarra Jr., 37, married, surrendered here Monday a Cal. 9mm Browning pistol with expired license. The firearm is now under custody of Luba police. 
In another incident Monday in Daguioman town, Arturo CalangAliswag, 68,  farmer, and a resident of Barangay Pikek also surrendered a Cal.22  pistol to cops.

Farmer lands in jail for rape
CALANASAN, Apayao – Cops arrested here Monday at the Poblacion a farmer for rape. Nabbed was CharleeMagne B. Parac, 23, married, of Barangay Namaltugan.
The arrest was made after Gemma P. Bucayu-Madrid, executive judge of RTC, Branch 12, 2nd Judicial Region, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan issued warrant for his arrest.

Man arrested for acts of lasciviousness
TABUK CITY, Kalinga – A certain Vergel Sanchez Boado, 34, driver, and a resident of Magsaysay here was nabbed Monday for acts of lasciviousness after arrest warrant was issued against him by Marcelino K Wacas, presiding judge, RTC, Second Judicial Region, Branch 25, Bulanao, Tabuk City.

Montero bumps miner now in critical condition
BAGUIO CITY – A pocket miner was rushed in critical condition Monday around 9 a.m.to the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center after he was accidentally bumped by a Mitsubishi Montero, driven by NehemiasMallarePalor Jr., 53, resident of Block 3 L-31 Pinesville Fort Del Pilar.
A police report said the incident caused traffic after victim HeneCamitogCabel, 24, of ManganesAmpucao, Itogon, Benguet was accidentally bumped by the vehicle which was on the way to Baguio City.
The victim who sustained physical injuries was brought by the driver to BGHMC. Responding traffic investigators confiscated the driver’s license and  OR/CR of the vehicle.

Student hurt after van bumps him
TUBA, Benguet -- A student was bumped by a van here Monday around 5:35 p.m. along Marcos Highway, Palina, Taloy Sur driven by Danny Ngohayon Hangdaan, 35, laborer, a resident of Cares Castilla, Pugo, La Union.
Investigation disclosed that the vehicle was traversing towards the lowlands when suddenly the victim ran and crossed the road causing the accident. The student sustained injuries and was brought to the Baguio General Hospital by a concerned citizen. The parents of the victim and the driver settled the case wherein the latter will shoulder the hospital expenses and medication of the victim.

Missing person found hurt at Halsema Highest Point
ATOK, Benguet – A missing person was found at the highest point in Philippine road system Monday around 2:30 p.m. by one Roel B. Balian, driver, and resident of Canatngan, Paoay. Balian told police he assisted the wounded man and brought him to Atok District Hospital. Accordingly, he found the male person along the Highest Point, Halsema Highway in Sitio Cattubo.          
Police identified the missing person as Uriel Dulpa Butangen, 21, student, of Sitio Daclan, Amlimay, Buguias town. Butangen was reportedly suffering from self-inflicted wounds when he tried to hang himself. He also reportedly slashed his left wrist.
Investigation revealed Butangen left their house at about 7:30 a.m. of July 9 and didn’t go home that prompted his mother Edita and sister Zephania to report to La Trinidad town police that he was missing. Butangen was confined at said hospital.

Man shot outside bar 
BAGUIO CITY – A man was shot here at the entrance of BenguetLiqour Store, 2nd Floor, Palangdao Building, 3rd Kayang Street on July 10 at about 10:30 p.m. wherein the victim was identified as Glenn Bumogas, laborer of Sanitary Camp who was shot  by still unidentified male suspect with a gun.
Investigation disclosed that victim was earlier asleep on his table in the bar due to drunkenness. After a while, the suspect entered the bar and asked the stay-in waitress identified as Diana Rose Ballitoc Natupalg, 23, if he can still be served with liquor but the request was was denied since they were closing. The suspect went out while the victim also woke up and proceeded outside. Afterwards, a gunshot was heard, and the waitress saw the victim sprawled on the floor with blood oozing from his left eye area. The suspect immediately fled after the incident. Victim was brought to Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center. It was not knonw if he survived at press time.


‘Cordillera peace process key to region’s bid for autonomy’-Dureza

Dureza cites gains in Cordillera Day speech 

BAGUIO CITY – Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus G. Dureza cited the peace process in pursuing the region’s aspiration for self-determination and autonomy during the 29th founding anniversary of the Cordillera Administrative Region here last week.
In his speech before the Cordillera stakeholders read by OPAPP director Susan Marcaida July 15, Dureza lauded the peace process with the Cordillera Bodong Administration–Cordillera People’s Liberation Army (CBA-CPLA) as a “partnership that put an honorable end to the army that has once defended and upheld the rights of the generation that started the struggle for self-determination and autonomy”.
To date, the CPLA ceased to exist as an army and is now registered as Cordillera Forum for Peace and Development, a socioeconomic organization, in the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The CBA-CPLA had aired call for self-determination and preservation of traditional lifeways of Cordillera in 1986.
In September 1987, the Philippine government and the CBA-CPLA forged the Mt. Data Peace Accord or sipat (cessation of hostilities).
It culminated with the signing of memorandum on agreement “towards the final disposition of arms and forces of the CBA-CPLA and its transformation into a potent socio-economic unarmed force” in July 2011.
At the same time, the peace adviser acknowledged all those who have contributed to the region’s peace history.
“The Cordillerans can be proud that you are the ones who first proved that the pursuit of an ideal is possible under a democratic political climate–that a legitimate grievance can be addressed without the need for arms and violent conflict,” he added.
“Cordillera has indeed come a long way, from being a collection of provinces separated into two political regions, to fighting the abuses of the Martial Law, to struggling within the tribal and ethno-linguistic differences that continuously divide communities, to dealing with the decisions of politicians which did not always address the needs of the people, and to finding its own place as one region united in distinct culture and lifeways, charting its own journey and destiny.”

Cordillera autonomy
Executive Order No. 220, s. 1987 signed on 15 July 1987 established the CAR as a preparatory step for an autonomous region. 
“Autonomy remains a legitimate advocacy of the region and its peoples,” Dureza said.
The peace adviser reiterated that the centerpiece of President Rodrigo Duterte’s agenda which is the shift from a unitary to a federal form of government, is relevant to the Cordillera’s aspiration for autonomy.
“Federalism mirrors the purpose of autonomy, which is to have greater local power and access to resources for the region. If the President’s campaign succeeds and the Filipino nation wills it, this change in system can effectively address what the Cordillerans have been advocating all along.”
Dureza appealed to the Cordillerans to study President Duterte’s proposal and convince their legislators on how the region can benefit from federalism, and participate in the process. 
“We are in a new administration and hopes are high that the change we have been waiting for has finally arrived. I will, however, add that for change to be substantial and enduring it requires the collective effort of all,” Dureza said. 


Benguet Corp. mine area tapped as city dumpsite

By Dexter A. See

BAGUIO CITY – Technical personnel of the city government and the Itogon-based Benguet Corp. are now evaluating the company’s open pit site in Antamok to check whether it will be able to pass standards for construction of  the city’s integrated solid waste management facility, Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said here.
            The city mayor underscored that after the assessment and evaluation, the technical teams will be inviting concerned officials and technical personnel of the Environmental Management bureau (ENB) and the National Solid Waste Commission (NSWMC) for revalidation and re-evaluation of the site in order for the city government to finalize where to finally put up its planned integrated solid waste disposal facility.
            “We have to be able to identify which among the existing sites will be the most feasible and with the least development cost so that we will be able to focus our resources for the immediate realization of the project that will eventually solve the city’s garbage problem,” Domogan said.             
               Earlier, BC management offered to the city government the possible use of its open pit site in Antamok for its engineered sanitary landfill or integrated solid waste disposal facility to help the city government and other neighboring towns of Benguet solve their garbage disposal problems.
            Under the planned integrated solid waste disposal facility, the city government plans to put up a centralized materials recovery facility, a waste to energy plant, an anaerobic digester, Environmental Recycling system (ERS) machines, engineered sanitary landfill, health care and medical waste treatment plant and a special waste treatment plant in order to permanently solve the current garbage disposal woes of the city.
            The city earlier planned to put up the integrated solid waste disposal facility within the 139-hectare city-owned property in Sto. Tomas School area but the prohibitive development cost in building the access roads to the site aggravated by some issues on land claims compelled local officials to consider the offer of BC to use its open pit site as a site for its solid waste disposal facility.
            Domogan said the final results of the on-going technical evaluation of the BC open pit site will serve as the basis of the city solid waste management board to partially amend its 10-year solid waste management plan that was approved by the NSWMC, specifically on the site on where to put up the facility, in order for the concerned offices to finalize existing plans and programs for the eventual realization of the project.
             While the city is looking for a permanent site on how to dispose its garbage, the hauling of garbage to the engineered sanitary landfill in the lowlands will continue in order to prevent the residual waste from being stored in the staging area of the hauler in Longlong, Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet. -- Dexter A. See


Upper Kalinga District Engineering Office opens

By Peter A. Balocnit

TABUK CITY, Kalinga -- The newly created Upper Kalinga District Engineering Office of the Dept. of Public Works and Highways is now operational.
Teodoro Owek, assistant UKDEO district engineer, said 80 percent of positions are already filled up, a work force capable to carry out the functions of the office covering the municipalities of Tinglayan, Lubuagan, Pasil and Balbalan.
Owek said UKDEO is working for the completion of projects released to them by their mother district in Tabuk, now called the Lower  Kalinga District Engineering Office.
          These unfinished projects are road concreting gaps along the Cagaluan (Pasil) – Tinglayan, Kalinga-Abra, and Pinukpuk boundary – Balbalan national roads, school buildings and water works.
“We requested for a minimum equipment fleet from DPWH central office”, he said adding they will have a separate budget next year.
Owek also bared that they have coordinated with the Provincial Office on Agricultural Services, the owner of land located at Cagaluan, Pasil for an ocular inspection and eventual survey to separate at least one hectare for UKDEO.
DPWH  Department Order No. 43  was issued  last Feb. 10 to implement Republic Act No. 10369  approved in February 2013 reconstituting the Kalinga Engineering District  into two regular district engineering offices, the Upper & Lower Kalinga DEOs.


PNP: No public official drug protector in Baguio

By Dexter A. See

BAGUIO CITY - The top cop here said no elected public official in the city is a “protector” of lucrative drug trade in the city, except for a barangay kagawad and two barangay tanods who voluntarily submitted themselves for having allegedly used prohibited drugs.
Senior Supt. George D. Daskeo, city police chief, said despite non-involvement of elected city officials in the drug trade, law enforcers are validating reports on the drug trade in the city to ascertain protectors.
“We will not stop our campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs in our city because although hundreds of drug pushers and users have voluntarily submitted themselves to the police and vowed to abandon the use and trade of illegal drugs, we want to go after those behind the lucrative trade,” Daskeo said.
The police official claimed BCPO is proud that no elected city official is involved in the illegal drug trade unlike in other areas in the country where some local officials are being identified as protectors illegal drugs trade.
According to him, law enforcers are now closely monitoring activities of the barangay kagawad and the two barangay tanods who voluntarily submitted themselves to the police and admitted that they have been involved in the use of illegal drugs, thus, they committed to abandon their habit and identified their sources for the information of law enforcers.
He warned local officials that the non-involvement of elected officials to the illegal drug trade does not mean that the police will stop monitoring their activities, thus, the officials must continue supporting the illegal drugs campaign as this had been contributing to crimes incidents in the different barangays.
Daskeo told city officials the campaign of the police against illegal drugs has a multi-pronged approach in order to account and neutralize the operations of high-profile drug personalities, address the proliferation of illegal drug pushers and users on the ground, thus, the need for the participation and cooperation of the public in order for the law enforcers to succeed in the campaign in the next three to six months.
He said law enforcers are taking precautions in the conduct of the necessary operations against drug personalities, pushers and users in the city to avoid collateral damage to innocent civilians in the campaign considering that they have a deadline to meet prescribed by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte; but such efforts will not compromise their other anti-criminality and peacekeeping initiatives which are their mandated priority.


5 shot dead in Baguio, more druggies slain in North, Central Luzon

>> Monday, July 25, 2016

CAMP DANGWA, La Trinidad, Benguet – More drug suspects were killed last week by unidentified men or in alleged shootouts with police in separate anti-drug operations in northern and Central Luzon.

Baguio casualties
In Baguio City,latest to be killed were two suspects who allegedly engaged cops in a shootout Friday during a buy-bust operation around 1:45 a.m. at Labsan Street, Kayang Extension.
A police report said cops led by Chief Insp. Johnny WeyganBalaki shot dead a certain “Nash” Palomique who was listed under drug watch list with his unidentified male companion.
On Thursday, killed was Joel De diosNider, 35, businessman who was shot dead by two unidentified men Thursday around 3:30 p.m. at the covered court of Slaughter Compound, Barangay Sto. Nino, also in Baguio.
Also on Thursday around 11 a.m. :10 a.m. at Sinkhole, Lower Magsaysay, in the city, a certain Marvin LlamidoLazate, jeep barker, was shot by unidentified suspects  while directing a public utility jeep at the terminal.
Still in Baguio City, a drug suspect was shot dead Tuesday around 8 p.m. along Navarro and Ledesma Streets, East Modern Site, Aurora Hill. He was identified as Paul Simeon Lee, 47, driver. He was shot by unidentified suspects.
Investigation revealed that the suspects were wearing black leather jacket and brown sweater. The victim was rushed to Notre Dame Hospital, Baguio City but was pronounced dead on arrival by attending physician Dr.Dandeo F. Halog. He was shot six times in his body.
In Itogon, Benguet, Wednesday around 2 a.m., drug suspect Joel Badando, 45, unemployed, was shot dead four times in different parts of his body at Upper Tuding.

Kalinga druggie  found dead
In Kalinga, the eighth most wanted drug personality was found dead in an irrigation canal on Monday.
The decomposing body of Noel Batong-od, 34, alias Virgo, bore a gunshot wound in the head.
Ilocos Sur
       In Ilocos Sur, Eduardo Galigaro, 28, alias Dugal, was shot dead Wednesday by unidentified men in Barangay Suagayan in Sta. Lucia town. 
Chief Insp. Greg Guerrero, Ilocos Sur police spokesman, said Galigaro was on the watchlist of the Candon City police.
In Pangasinan, the bodies of two women were found Wedensday in Binalonan and Manaoag towns. Their hands were bound with packing tape and they bore placards identifying them as drug pushers.
Senior Supt. Benjamin Silo, Bataan police director, identified two of the suspects killed in separate stings as Pablo Mejia and Erwin Tallada.
Amado de la Cruz, 34, a resident of Barangay Tambubong in San Rafael town and CecilioElardo, alias Balot, of Barangay Sta. Rosa in Marilao, Bulacan, were killed Wednesday in firefights with anti-drug operatives, said Senior Supt. Romeo Caramat, Bulacan police director.
The other slain suspects have yet to be identified.

In Isabela, two top drug suspects and their two companions were arrested during a raid on a suspected drug den in Barangay Guibang in Gamu town on Tuesday.
John Steven Solomero, 24, was having a pot session with ShaymaSulayman, 18; Beverly Ullmann, 24, and Janet Teel, 37, when they were collared.
The suspects allegedly yielded 10 sachets of shabu, drug paraphernalia and P12,000 in cash.
Senior Insp. George Maribbay, Gamu police chief, said Solomero is the most wanted drug suspect in Isabela while Ullmann was ranked 10th.

In Benguet, Ernesto Abideo was arrested during a raid on his house in SitioPadayawan in Barangay Kayapa in Bakun town last week.
         Agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency seized 15,000 grams of dried marijuana leaves and 3,000 grams of marijuana seeds with an estimated value of P2.025 million.

In Penarubia, AbraWrexton M. Acoba, 36, barangay kagawad was nabbed for illegal drugs.
Five suspects were slain in Cauayan City and Cabatuan and Roxas towns in Isabela Tuesday and Sunday respectively.
They were identified as JomarSacang, 34; Francis Capino, 20; Michael Alvarez, 34, Kelvin Rey Gamboa and EliseoGamboa.

Ilocos Sur
In Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur, fish vendor John Paul Camangeg. 37, died while his son John Paul, 18, was wounded when armed men stormed their house in Barangay Poblacion and opened fire.
Senior Supt. Romeo Caramat, Bulacan acting police director, said Rodolfo Valondo, a resident of Barangay Caingin in San Rafael town was eating lunch in his house when he was shot.
Caramat said a certain Allan was killed in a shootout with police officers during a sting.
Allan’s partner Anna Fatima was arrested.
Suspected drug pushers have been added to the list of those either slain in alleged shootouts with police officers or shot dead by unidentified men.
Two suspects were from in Ilocos and one each in Tarlac, Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan.
In Nueva Ecija, Israel Parael, 36, Cabiao town’s most wanted drug suspect, was shot dead by unidentified motorcycle-riding men night of July 15.
Marco Castillo, alias Macoy, 39, a resident of Barangay Poblacion in Lingayen, Pangasinan, was slain when he engaged anti-drug operatives in a firefight, police said.

Ex-mayor’s brod dead
In Badoc, Ilocos Norte, a village chief and a brother of a former vice mayor was gunned down by unidentified men.
SensinadoTorralba, 51, was shot while standing in front of his house in Barangay Alogoog at around 6:45. p.m. He was   ranked fourth on the list of drug personalities in the province.
In Masingal, Ilocos Sur, Melvin Velarde was shot in the head in front of a gasoline station in Barangay Sta. Monica.

Woman slain
Filipina Bautista, 29, was in a passenger jeepney with her  two sons when she was shot dead by one of the passengers while traveling along MacArthur Highway in Barangay Cut-cut in Capas, Tarlac.
Senior Supt. WestrimundoObinque, Tarlac police officer-in-charge, said Bautista was twice arrested for illegal drugs and was on Bamban town’s list of top drug suspects.

Meanwhile, in Pangasinan, Ulysses Partoriza, the top drug suspect in Natividad town, was arrested on Thursday.
The suspect reportedly yielded five sachets of shabu as well as guns and ammunition during a raid on his house in Barangay Poblacion West.
Another group of 2,000 drug personalities surrendered at Camp Diego Silang in La Union on Friday.
In San Carlos City Mayor JoseresResuello posted the result of his drug test on his Facebook account amid rumors that he is a drug user.
Supt. Joselito Villarosa, who was replaced as Cabanatuan City police station commander, denied allegations that he is involved in the illegal drug trade.
        Villarosa said it was under his leadership that at least 2,000 drug suspects in the city have surrendered.
But even as thousands of self-confessed drug users surrendered, the government-run Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (DTRC) in Dagupan, Pangasinan reported that it has only 149 patients.
Meanwhile, two were slain in anti-drug operations in Pangasinan. The suspects reportedly engaged undercover police operatives in a firefight as they resisted arrest during stings.
One of those killed in Pangasinan, identified as Jaime Tolentino, was ranked second on the drug watchlist of Tayug town.
Central Luzon
Meanwhile, in Central Luzon, at least 49 suspected drug pushers have been killed and 445 others arrested from July 1 to July 13, said Chief Supt. Aaron Aquino, regional police director.
Aquino said a majority were slain during operations in Bulacan.
He said at least 13,682 self-confessed drug users and suspected pushers have surrendered in the region. 
Aquino said the suspects yielded 369 sachets of suspected shabu, 27.17 grams of marijuana, 59 guns and ammunition as well as a hand grenade. 
On Thursday, seven more drug suspects were arrested in Bulacan while 400 surrendered in Olongapo City.

Pangasinan surrenderees
In Urdaneta, Pangasinan, 1,177 surrendered Wednesday.
In Jones, Isabela, Glenford Raspado, 30, son of slain vice  mayor FloranteRaspado, was among 50 drug personalities who responded to OplanTokhang.
Like all those who surrendered, Glenford signed an oath to stop his illegal activities and help in the anti-drug campaign.

La Union
In La Union, police arrested Roberto Abalos, 53, an employee of the Bureau of Customs, after anti-drug operatives found five sachets of shabu and ammunition during a raid on his house in Barangay Poro in  San Fernando City on Thursday.
Senior Superintendent AngelitoDumangeng, La Union police director, said Abalos is on the drug watchlist of the province.
Dumangeng said 2,800 drug personalities have surrendered in La Union.

150 CL druggies  shot dead
In Central Luzon, more than 150 suspected drug pushers were assassinated by alleged vigilantes while 60 others were killed in intensified anti-illegal drug operations from June to July 19 alone, the Police Regional Office 3 (PRO-3) announced yesterday.
Chief Supt. Aaron N. Aquino, Police Regional Office 3 (PRO-3) Acting Regional Director said that from July 1 to July 19, 596 persons were already arrested in actual anti-drug operations, 60 were killed and 746 sachets weighing 701 grams of shabu and marijuana weighing 27.17 grams were seized.
In addition, 14 high powered firearms, 59 low powered firearms, two hand grenades, ammunition and five magazines were also confiscated during the course of operations.

CL death toll
PRO-3 reports showed that the Bulacan Provincial Police Office (BPPO) recorded at least 27 drug suspects who were killed during anti-illegal drugs campaign in the province, while eight including a Bulacan policeman were reported killed by alleged vigilantes in separate places.

In Pampanga, 15 drug suspects were killed in an encounter and seven were reportedly assassinated by unidentified gunmen.
In Nueva Ecija, at least 26 drug suspects were gunned down by alleged vigilantes and six others by the police during an encounter.
Bataan police operatives also killed at least 11 during drug-bust operations while three were allegedly neutralized by vigilantes.
In Tarlac, 19 suspected drug pushers were killed in encounters with the police while five others were slain by unidentified gunmen and two were neutralized by police during drug operations.

Pampanga turnover
A total 9,258 drug users and pushers in Pampanga have voluntarily surrendered after police authorities conducted 2,094 house visits.
This was revealed by Senior Supt. Rodolfo RecomonoJr, Pampanga Provincial Police Office (PPPO) provincial director during the first Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting this year.
Recomono disclosed that 8,736 are confirmed drug users while 522 are drug pushers.
Gov. Lilia “Nanay” Pineda ordered an all-out war against the drug menace and warned local government officials involved in illegal drugs that they will be administratively and criminally charged.

Ilocandia bust
Joint operatives of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Region1 (PDEA RO1) and the Ilocos Sur police raided the residence of a suspected drug pusher in Barangay Pug-os, Cabuagao, Ilocos Sur and resulted in the death of Roger Cinco.
The lawmen were suppose to serve a search warrant when Cinco and his four cohorts tried to flee and opened fire, which triggered a running gun battle last Tuesday.

Bulacan sting
Three armed men were killed while five others were arrested in separate buy bust operations conducted by the Bulacan police in municipalities of Norzagaray and San Rafael this province last Tuesday..

Senior Supt. Romeo M. Caramat Jr., acting Bulacan police director, identified the slain suspects as Vergel V. Veleza, of San Rafael, Allan Alonto, 26, of SitioPallorinaBrgy. Minuyan and Randy Castro, both of Norzagaray town. --  Ben Serrano, John Unson, Raymund Catindig, RicSapnu, Eva Visperas, Jun Elias, Manny Galvez


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