Du3o certifies Cordi autonomy bill urgent

>> Saturday, July 29, 2017

By Dexter A. See 

BAGUIO CITY – President Rodrigo R. Duterte has certified House Bill 5343, the bill seeking establishment of an autonomous region in the Cordillera  as urgent along with the proposed enhanced Bangsamoro autonomous region bill for action by the 17th Congress.  
Speaking before more than 120 Cordillera leaders who attended the meeting with him Tuesday night at the Malacanang, the President recognized the need to devolve more powers of the national government to local government units, including the autonomous regions to be established, greater control of resources by host communities, and implementation of more development projects in the countryside to ensure people will reap fruits of development.
However, he said control and supervision of one armed forces and the police will remain with the national government to avoid serious repercussions to security of the archipelago from internal and external forces.
Duterte assured Cordillera leaders he will allocate two slots for the region in the composition of the consultative commission he will be creating for charter change that will pave the way for the shift from the existing unitary form to a federal form.
The meeting of Cordillera leaders with the President was worked out by officials and members of the Regional Development Council in the Cordillera through Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus G. Dureza that the Cordillera autonomy bill be included in matters to be certified by the President as urgent. 
Present during the meeting with the President were Baguio City Rep. Mark Go, Benguet Rep. Ronald M. Cosalan, Abra Rep. Joseph Bernos, and Kalinga Rep. and Mountain Province Legislative Caretaker Allen Jesse Mangaoang, Benguet Gov. Crescencio Pacalso, Mountain Province Gov. Bonifacio Lacwasan, Jr., Ifugao Gov. Pedro Mayam-o, Kalinga Acting Gov. James Edubba, Baguio City Mayor and RDC-CAR chairman Mauricio G. Domogan, Tabuk City Mayor Ferdinand Tubban, Abra Vice Governor and Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army (CPLA) Chairman Ronald Balao-as, Apayao Vice Gov. Remy Albano, Benguet Vice Gov. Florence Tingbaoen, Mountain Province Vice Gov. Francis Tauli, Ifugao Vice Gov. Jordan Gollitiw and Kalinga Acting Vice Gov. Shirlynne D. Alunday, most municipal mayors and representatives from civil society groups and the CPLA.
Domogan presented issues and concerns needing intervention of the President  citing need for certification of HB 5343 as urgent administration measure.
He expressed collective gratitude of the Cordillera leaders for giving them time to meet with him and assure him that Cordillera leaders are now unified for the region’s renewed quest for autonomy.


Charges filed at Ombudsman against Cordillera NCIP head

Criminal, administrative cases pressed by Baguio IPMR-elect 

BAGUIO CITY – Charges were recently filed at the Office of the Ombudsman against Roland Calde, regional director of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples for “grave misconduct, gross violation of the law, grave abuse of authority and libel,” by Roger D. Sinot, the indigenous peoples mandatory representative-elect to the city council.
“I am filing this affidavit complaint to prosecute the administrative and criminal liabilities of Calde, Sinot told the Ombudsman. 
In his complaint filed June 30, 2017, Sinot said Calde has not issued the former’s certificate of affirmation so he could assume the position as IPMR in the city council considering the affirmation was “ministerial.”
Sinot added, this, despite an endorsement letter for Sinot’s assumption as Baguio IPMR on December 2016 by then NCIP Baguio officer in charge Harriet N. Abyadang who was also OIC regional legal chief of the government line agency.
 Abyadang attested that the process relative to the selection of Sinot had undergone necessary legal process as provided for under the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act.
The manifesto was signed by all Baguio NCIP officers under her office citing veracity of the selection process.
The election was held November last year wherein Sinot won as IPMR after representatives of indigenous tribes in the region agreed that the first Baguio IPMR should be an Ibaloi in deference to their being the first settlers of the city.
In the election, Sinot won through secret balloting. 
“Respondent’s (Calde) continuous refusal to issue a certificate of affirmation is downright corrupt,” Sinot said in his complaint. “He is already exercising discretion to the point that he wants the indigenous peoples to choose someone amenable to his taste. He is no longer pushing for the process like questioning procedures before the proper courts, questioning qualifications before the proper bodies for he is now exercising ultimate veto powers which he does not have.”       
According to Sinot, he “later found out that respondent is favoring candidates of another group of fellow indigenous peoples.”
Sinot said “instead of advising my opponents to file disqualification or other special election cases against me, respondent refuses to prepare the certificate of affirmation.”
According to Sinot Calde, who belongs to the kankanaey tribe, also told the city council that he was “disqualified without a sworn case before me. The reason is pure discrimination against me and the indigenous peoples of Baguio City.”
“Respondent’s continued stay in office will definitely prejudice the case. Preventive suspension will give a breathing space for the government including the Honorable Office to investigate and make an objective assessment of all the cases,” Sinot said. “Respondent fails to recognize the selection of the IPMR and he made utterances before the city council based on hearsay. A professional way to do it is to have all the valid certifications ready for the city council to see and inspect. He (Calde) made a certification showing gross ignorance. His discretion oversteps clear legal mandate.”
He said Calde had told the city council he was not a registered voter of Baguio when under Commission on Elections rules, he is a registered voter of the city.
Calde also reportedly told the city council he was convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude when this was not the case.
The NCIP regional director was also cited for “gross ignorance of the law” over a case involving water rights in Nangalisan, Tuba Benguet.    
“Respondent’s statements are false, widely published, not privileged in any manner and as such intend to injure my reputation,” Sinot said. “Respondent’s statements were made with reckless disregard of their truths or falsities and made with malice. He wants to destroy me before our friends, family and the public.”
According to Sinot, “there is possibility of destruction of evidence while he (Calde) remains in power during the investigation process.”

It was not known at press time if Calde had filed his response with the Ombudsman’s Office to Sinot’s complaint.


Mayor wants market building owners with void contracts out

By Dexter A. See 

BAGUIO CITY – Contracts of some 127 building owners within the city public market have expired as of Dec. 31, 2015, Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said.
This means, he said, that they do not have the right to occupy the buildings unless their contracts are renewed with the inclusion of the 15-year expiration period.
Domogan said while the local government does not have the authority to force the building owners to sign the renewal of their contracts with the 15-year expiration period, building owners do not also have the right to compel the city to renew their contracts pursuant to their conditions, thus, there has been no mutual agreement of parties concerned.
 Of 127 building owners, 83 have already signed renewal of their contracts with the local government that included the 15-year expiration period while 46 insisted on removal of the expiration period from their contracts.
Currently, 37 renewed contracts were confirmed by the city council while the mayor signed more than 30 contracts which will be submitted to the city council for confirmation before the lapse of the 90-day ultimatum issued by the city for renewal of their contracts.
Domogan said after expiration of the 90-day grace period on August 27, 2017, building owners who have not renewed their contracts by then can take their improvements in their leased areas to allow the local government to bid out said properties to interested bidders who accept prescribed expiration of their contracts.
He said increase of rentals from P2 per square meter per day to P6 per square meter per day was a product of negotiations with affected building owners who agreed to revised rentals for the city-owned lands that they currently occupy.
He said the agreed revised rental rate is still beneficial to building owners because it is computed based on the land area occupied by their structures and not computed on a per floor basis, thus, it would be unfair to the local government for building owners to claim the renewed contracts are to the greater advantage of the city government.
Domogan said building owners should be thankful that the local government still opted to continue negotiating with them to strike a better deal instead of acceding to the recommendation of the Commission on Audit for the city to bid out use of leased areas considering that the previous contracts were reportedly grossly disadvantageous to the city as per COA findings.

The next batch of renewed contracts will be transmitted to the city council for confirmation.


Blacklist of erring Kalinga contractors mulled

By Jessi Maguiya

TABUK CITY, Kalinga -- The Dept. of Education Tabuk District is mulling  blacklisting contractors of substandard school buildings.
 Engineer Paul Palliso, DepEd Tabuk division engineer, identified the involved building projects as those at Tabuk City National High School, San Juan Elementary School and Bayabat Elementary School.
He said it was discovered that the school building projects implemented by the Dept. of Public Works and Highways were damaged by Typhoon “Lawin” prior to the defect liability period and were thus deemed substandard.
Palliso said the defect liability period of 12 months after a construction project has been completed compels the contractor to re-do the defective building parts.
He said they are now validating reports and will come up with a recommendation to blacklist contractors of the said projects since they did not bother to make the appropriate repairs despite notices from the DepEd.
Based on the inspection conducted, it was found that the damages were an effect of the buildings' having been below the standards.
There were at least 40 schools in Tabuk City which incurred damages following Typhoon Lawin in November 2016.
Most of these school buildings were damaged – mostly ceiling trusses and roofing which need major repair or replacement.
 The DepEd Tabuk has already proposed P1.5 million to reinstate the main function of the infrastructures damaged by the super typhoon   and replace the destroyed parts with durable materials and applying good quality workmanship.
 To assure that the school buildings would be ready during the opening of classes last June 5, the DepEd initiated the repairs with at least 90 percent of them already done and ready for use.
Special education funds are also ready to finance several structures particularly school stage and bleachers for six public schools in the city -- Magabbangon Elementary School, Nambucayan Elementary School, Gradual Discovery Elementary School, Agbannaaag National High School, Tabuk City National High School and Bulo East Elementary School which will receive P70,000 each for the repair facilities.

Frances Gacuya, member of the Social Mobilization and School Governance Operation Division who monitored the schools said “most of the visited schools are still undergoing temporary repair.  -- PNA


Buguias to co-own power plant built by Beneco

By Ramon Dacawi

BUGUIAS, Benguet -- Cordillera communities at a loss on how to deal with influential power companies harnessing their water resources for renewable energy generation may well learn to negotiate for benefits offered by the Benguet Electric Coop. to Buguias in its first hydro power generation project.
Topping the benefits accruing to the community, the Buguias municipal government will eventually co-own the three-megawatt (3,000 kilowatts)  Man-asok hydroelectric plant being built at Sebang, Buguias to the tune of P451,143,461.
“Ownership after 25 years – 50 percent owned by Beneco and 50 percent owned by the Buguias Municipal LGU on the 26th year until the life of the mini-hydroelectric plant,” the project fact sheet prepared by project staff Joe Victor Damoslog and noted by PGO manager Ricardo Pallogan.
This provision in the project contract topped benefits to the host community that Beneco general manager Gerardo Verzosa termed as most competitive within the current developer-community tie-up covering hydroelectric power construction and operation.
Aside eventual co-ownership, Buguias will also receive four additional benefits aside from the mandatory benefits provided under Republic Act No. 9513 or Renewable Energy Act of 2008.
“On top of these additional voluntary benefits provided by Beneco is a royalty of P0.2197 per kilowatthour to the host community, an item absent in other contracts for hydro generation being implemented in the Cordillera,” Damoslog said.
The three other additional voluntary benefits are P0.0689 per kilowatt hour going to the municipal government, P02197 oer KWH royalty of indigenous people’s organization, P0.0100 per KWH going to corporate social responsibility and P0.0050 per KWH going to a watershed management fund.
These means a total of P0.3725 per KWH levelized for 25 years which is targeted to generate annually 15,000,000 kilowatt hours.
The mandatory benefits accruing to Buguias are P0.375 percent of the gross receipts as local business tax; one percent of gross income as government share/national wealth tax; 10 percent of assessed value of land as special real property tax on land; 1.5 percent of original cost less depreciation as special tax on equipment; P0.01 per kwh as financial benefit to host communities; P0.30 per square meter per year as special land use (public land) permit or special use agreement in protected areas if within a protected area; and P4 to P4.60 per square meter per month for private land rental.
The project, the first of its kind to be undertaken by BENECO, was turned over last February to PHESCO, the contractor, and is expected to be finished in 2018.

Beneco has tapped Gugler Water Turbines GmbH or Goldsworth, Austria, one of the top suppliers of hydropower turbines, to manufacture and supply the turbine generator set of the facility,” Pallogan said.       


Fariñas coordinator got orig tobacco documents: Marcos

LAOAG CITY -- Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee R. Marcos, speaking out regarding the House of Representatives' ongoing investigation into the province's alleged misuse of tobacco funds, said original documents of the transactions involved were taken from the Commission on Audit office inside the Provincial Capitol by personnel of 1st District Rep. Rodolfo "Rudy" C. Fariñas.
 Fariñas, known as the main political rival of Marcos in Ilocos Norte, initiated the inquiry through House Resolution No. 882.
While he had campaigned and won alongside Marcos in 2010, he was removed from the latter's "One Ilocos Norte" bid in 2013.
He was also present during the 2011 and 2012 distributions of the vehicles purchased using the province's tobacco funds.
The subject of lost original documents surfaced in the third House hearing into the tobacco fund issue last May 29, when six employees of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte were cited in contempt and detained for "refusing to answer questions."
The employees, dubbed "Ilocos Six," had requested to see the original documents before testifying, lest they commit perjury by giving sworn statements based on possible falsified photocopied documents.
 Fariñas had implied  it was the provincial employees who had the documents lost.
Marcos said, "Tinatanong din sa'kin, bakit daw nawala? Bakit hindi masumpaan ng Ilocos 6 yung mga tseke na winawagayway? Bakit wala na yung original? Unang-una, tinurn-over namin 'yan sa COA. Ang COA raw ang nakawala, at sila naman ang nag-aamin na ito nga ang nangyari.
“Subalit biglang sumulpot ang sinumpaang salaysay," she added, revealing an affidavit signed by Pedro M. Gorospe Jr., a janitor and messenger at the COA Office.
"Nagtapat [siya] na pinagdukot sa kanya ng kanyang manugang, ni Cynthia Gorospe… tao at coordinator ni Congressman Fariñas. Dinukot noong 2013. Inamin niya, 'Ako, empleyado ng provincial government, naka-detail sa COA, ay nanungkulan bilang janitor at messenger, at maliban sa ibang gawain, ako'y may hawak at pasok-labas sa COA.
 "'Nautusan ako ni Ma'am Cynthia Gorospa na ipa-xerox ang mga dokumento ng COA na sa aking pagkaalam ay vouchers na tatlo ang bilang. Kasama nito ay yung mga tseke.'"
Marcos continued, "Ayon sa kanya, pinadukot sa kanya. Eh 'di alam na natin kung sinong dumukot noon. Papaano ko mapro-produce ang original?"
 As of today, the Ilocos 6 are still detained at the House office of the sergeant-at-arms. They have been held for 49 days or seven weeks.
 Legal counsels of the Ilocos 6have pursued legal remedies such as petitioning for the writ of habeas corpus and their provisional release, which were granted by the Court of Appeals, but thrice the House has defied the court order.
The House issued a show-cause order against the CA justices who ordered the release, but they recently withdrew this in place of a motion for inhibition.
Marcos said "pati ang Korte, tinatakot. Itong pamumulitika na noon sasabihin na pupunitin lamang ang order ng Korte. Lahat ng justice, 'bobo,' wala raw alam sa batas. Sadyang hindi pinakikinggan at tinatakot pati ang Chief Justice na siya'y ii-impeach," referring to statements made by Speaker Pantaleon D. Alvarez against the judiciary.
 Lawyer Bayan Quinones, legal counsel of the Ilocos 6, said they had filed a unified petition at the Supreme Court.
 "Ang una po ay para mag-take ng jurisdiction ng Korte ang kaso ng habeas corpus na matagal nang nakabilbil sa Court of Appeals, na napipigilan ngayon dahil sa mga pronouncement o reaction ng Komite [House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability] na sinama natin sa reklamo na ito.
 Ang pangalawa ay tinatawag nating prohibition program. Hinihinigi natin dito na pigilan ang hindi makatarungang pag-conduct ng kanilang imbestigasyon," saying that the House's manner of investigation "violates the Constitution in their own House Rules, and so far it's being conducted as a form of Inquisition."

 "Ang pangatlo ay hinihingi namin ang isang writ of amparo dahil nakasaad dito. Ito ang nagbibigay-proteksyon sa mga naaapi ng kanilang pansariling seguridad."


Navy divers retrieve missing Sagada tour guide in flooded cave

SAGADA, Mountain Province -- A tourist guide reported missing in this tourist town on July 16 was found dead Tuesday inside a flooded cave and retrieved by Philippine Navy divers.
The body of Roderick Malecdan, 23 was retrieved from Victoria Cave in Sitio Maduto, Barangay Angkileng  around 4 p.m., according to the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.
The Office of the Civil Defense-Cordillera reportedly sent the divers to retrieve the body which was found wedged between huge rocks in a submerged portion of the cave.
Malecdan and six other tourist guides entered the cave to explore its potential as a tourist destination when they were swept away by strong current during heavy rains.
Four of the tour guides managed to find their way out and reported the incident while two others were rescued.
Municipal Tourism Officer Robert Pangod said people from his office earlier conducted search and rescue operation to locate Malecdan inside Victoria Cave.
Malecdan and his companions were trapped inside the cave that afternoon after rain water caused the river to overflow.
Pangod said that based on the report of Sagada police station, the tour guides entered the cave but while inside, the water level increased.
Police launched rescue operation. They were able to rescue two more around 6:45 evening of Sunday but Malecdan remained missing as of noon time of Monday.
Pangod said Sagada has been experiencing rains the past days, which could have caused water to rise inside Victoria cave.

He and six others went for an exploration mission to check out the cave to look into possibility of including the same as a spelunking site for tourists.



Drunk man drowns in Tadian fishpond
TADIAN, Mountain Province – A young man drowned in a fishpond here Monday after he fell off a road. Police said they received a phone call around 6”30 a.m. from a certain
 Ericson Bayawa Agaid who told them a human body was floating in the fishpond identified later as as Cris Banban Guidangen, 28, laborer of Barangay Poblacion.
Investigation disclosed the victim went earlier to Auto Repair Shop in Dogodog, Poblacion owned and managed by James Simongo Sr. and joined a drinking session there.
Between 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. Monday, his cousin Walter Guidangen who was with the group noticed the victim go out of the shop and left the place. Investigation disclosed the victim accidentally fell from the road going to the fish pond and an extended bar in the pond hit his forehead. Dr. Ruth Ann Sabling Balaoas, municipal health officer said the victim died due to drowning. The cadaver of the victim was brought by his relatives at their residence in Sitio Katapag, Poblacion.

 Driver falls asleep; rams  2 vehicles in Mankayan

MANKAYAN, Benguet – A man was injured when he fell asleep while driving resulting to his vehicle ramming two others Monday around 2 p.m. along the Mankayan-Abatan National here in Ambabag, Guinaoang.
The involved vehicles were a Tamaraw FX with  plate number ADG 439 driven by Marcos Cotit Lensing, 45, farmer; Tamaraw FX bearing plate number UDJ 535 owned and driven by Ariel Ogalde Kines, 28, satellite installer agent  and  Nissan pick-up truck without plate number registered to Madelone Baguista Guanso, 40, supervisor of Highland Warrior Security Agency, resident of Paco, Mankayan.
 Investigation disclosed Lensing was traversing towards Abatan, Buguias when it accidentally bumped the purple Tamaraw FX parked on the right shoulder of the road. The stationary vehicle was pushed forward bumping in turn the Nissan pick-up truck  parked in front of the house of the owner.
Lensing said he suddenly fell asleep while driving and swerved the vehicle directly towards the two vehicles. He was rushed by responding PNP personnel to the RHU, Poblacion, Mankayan for medical treatment while the involved vehicles incurred damages. The parties opted to settle the case among themselves.

Alilem police burn marijuana plantation 

CAMP PRES QUIRINO, Ilocos Sur- Police discovered and uprooted a marijuana plantation in the remote Sitio Lap-angan, Barangay Dalawa, Alilem town last week.
Reports received by Senior Supt.  Jovencio Badua, provincial police director, said personnel of Alilem police and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency led by Senior Inspr. Jade Macaraeg and Chief Insp. Andrew Rabang conducted eradication drive which resulted to discovery of 125 pieces of fully grown marijuana plants valued at P25,000.
Badua said the marijuana area was cultivated by one Ave Dingoasen, resident of the place who still remains at large 
The marijuana plants were burned at the site witnessed by barangay kagawads Allan Bangaoil and Alano Lacondazo of Poblacion. – Myds Supnad

 Cagayan drug suspect  shot dead by lawmen

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan -- Ernesto Cabalza, 28, was killed by lawmen when he allegedly drew his gun when he sensed he had sold shabu to undercover agents here in Barangay Annafunan East on July 16.

 Grade 2 pupil drowns at Chico River

TINGLAYAN, Kalinga -- A grade 2 pupil drowned after she was swept away by the Chico River’s strong current here in Barangay Luplupa Tuesday afternoon.
Police and the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council looked for the victim and after an hour, the team spotted an unconscious Jenryl Olimpia Guiwa, 8, grade 2 pupil of Luplupa Elementary School in the vicinity of Barangay Ambato of same municipality.
Rescuers tried to revive the girl while she was being transported to a local healthcare facility.
Efforts to revive her after an hour, however, failed.
Initial investigation showed that the girl and two classmates, decided to take a dip in the river after their classes.
The young victim, according to her classmates, was immediately swept away by the river current, which prompted them to seek help.

Student stabs self after knowing GF has text mate

POTIA, Ifugao – A student was critically injured when he stabbed himself here Tuesday after he caught his girlfriend sending a message to a text mate during a drinking session.
Police identified the victim as Arnold Ridon Fiesta, 18, Grade 11 student of Sta. Maria National High School and resident hdre of Barangay Kiling.
Police said the victim and his girlfriend Evangeline Cabalsi Quinto, 17, grade 11 of same school and resident of Butigue, Paracelis, Mt. Province with two other companions were having drinking session at their boarding house owned by Constancio Gonzadan located at Sitio Zamora, Sta. Maria when the victim caught his girlfriend having a text mate and later an altercation ensued causing the victim to get a kitchen knife on his waist and stabbed his abdomen. 
Quinto with her friends brought the victim to a local hospital but was later brought to United Doctor’s Medical Clinic in Cauayan City.  

 Man in Bacolor drug list shot dead

BACOLOR, Pampanga -- Rosby de Leon, 45, and Denmark Jay Mungcal, 20, was killed when he allegedly shot it out with police in a sting here in Barangay Cabeticana. The suspect was reportedly under police drug list.

Vehicles collide along Marcos road; driver hurt

TUBA, Benguet – A driver was injured while two vehicles were heavily damaged when they collided here along Marcos Highway, Salpang, Taloy Sur Tuesday around 10 p.m..
The vehicles were red Toyota Vios with plate number TBI 215, driven by Dionisio Ingosan Diasan, 42 , mechanic, of Mankayan, Benguet and blue Mitsubishi Strada pick-up with plate number UUX 568, driven by Jesus Toribio, 45 of AC 127, East Buyagan, Poblacion, La Trinidad, Benguet.
Investigation disclosed that the lowland-bound Toyota Vios encroached the opposite lane colliding to the upcoming Mitsubishi Strada.
Diasan said he was distracted by a glaring light emanating from another vehicle at the opposite lane. Diasan was rushed to Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center  by a concerned citizen for treatment.

Grade 2 student drowns along Chico River

TINGLAYAN, Kalinga – An 8-year-old Grade 2 student was swept away by strong current of the Chico Rive here Tuesday resulting to his death. 
Police identified the victim as Jenryl Olimpia Guiwa, of Luplupa Elementary School and resident of Poblacion. He was carried away by Chico River waters at Barangay Luplupa prompting police, municipal rescue team and community folks to respond.  Rescuing teams recovered the victim unconscious at the Barangay Ambato. First aid was administered and the victim was later brought to Tinglayan rural health unit but after an hour, Gujiwa was pronounced dead by the attending physician.
Investigation revealed that victim and his two companions, after classes, went to take a bath along the Chico River but the victim was carried by the river prompting his companions to seek help. Cause of death was drowning. The victim’s body was brought home by his family members to their residence.

Illegal fishing nets confiscated

ALILEM, Ilocos Sur -- Police confiscated 10 illegal fishing nets sprawled along the giant river of barangays Pandan-Callaguip-Baggoc this town last week
No one, however, was apprehended. In his report to Senior Supt. Jovencio Badua, Ilocos Sur police director, Senior Insp. Rodel Ularte, chief of police, said confiscation of the illegal fine mesh, locally known as bolaong and kukatot, came after receiving reports that unidentified fishermen utilized fine mesh along the river which is in violation of Municipal ordinance No. 01-01.
 Ularte said his policemen with Municipal Agriculture Office personnel  implemented Municipal Ordinance No. 01-01, Sec. 22 (Illegal use of illegal fine mesh net) along the said river. Nobody claimed ownership of the fishing nets. --Myds Supnad

Pusher killed in Tarlac clash

TARLAC CITY -- A suspected drug pusher was killed in an armed encounter with the police in Immaculate Conception Subd., Sitio Centro, Barangay Tibag, here Wednesday morning.
Tarlac chief of police Supt. Bayani Razalan, in his report to provincial director Senior Supt. Richie Posadas, identified the slain pusher as Ramon Romero, alias Boss Ram, temporarily renting a house in said barangay.
Recovered from Romero were a Cal. 45 with two live ammunition and two marked P100 bills.
Razalan said Romero sold two sachets of shabu to poseur-buyer SPO2 Oscar S. Marcus Jr., who, along with a confidential asset, resisted when about to be arrested and fired at the officers.
Romero was killed in the ensuing firefight with the policemen.
The body of the suspect was brought to Lotus Funeral Homes in Tarlac City for autopsy examination.

Man shot dead in Solano town

NORTH SOLANO, Nueva Vizcaya -- Jamier Davban, 24, was shot dead here in Barangay Poblacion, North Solano on July 16 for still unknown reasons.

Man killed in hut, dumped Abra river

SAN JUAN, Abra – An unidentified man was allegedly killed in a hut here and was later found floating on Malanas River around 6 a.m. Tuesday.
Assistant chief of police Senior Insp, Rodolfo B. Tubadeza, said they received a call from Barangay Pattaoig chairperson Elisa Malapote saying a certain Teodoro Amit, of Barangay Colabaoan  saw a floating cadaver at Malanas River.
Investigation disclosed the cadaver had multiple stab wounds on different parts of the body. The cadaver was identified by Jessie Ta-a, nephew of the victim and barangay officials of Badas as Marcos Talledo, 45 of Badas.
The crime was believed done at the nipa hut of the victim due to the presence of blood stains and kitchen knife. Police listed fingerprints from the crime scene, blood stains and several pieces of evidence.

Drug suspect’s body stuffed in drum

MEYCAUAYAN, Bulacan – The body of an unidentified man with multiple gunshot wounds was found stuffed in a drum in front of a motor shop here in Barangay Malhacan. A piece of cardboard identifying the victim as a drug addict and robber was recovered near his body.

Man nabbed for stealing P8,500, cell phone  

BAGUIO CITY – A young man was arrested after stealing  P8,500 and Samsung cell phone worth P4,500 from another during a drinking session here at the Esonice Bus Terminal here along Shanum Street early Monday morning.      
The victim was identified as  Jessie Diaz Dumaca, 21of City Camp Proper while the suspect was named as  Jayvee Salviejo Magpayo, 21 of Bengao, Marcos Highway.
 Investigation disclosed that the victim with his companion John Mel Arnaldo were drinking when the suspect who was seated in another table, requested to join their drinking session. Due to intoxication, the victim and his companion fell asleep. Afterwards, the victim feltthe suspect was frisking him taking his wallet containing the cash and cell phone from his front right pocket. The suspect sensed that the victim was awakened so he ran away. The victim chased the suspect but the items were passed on to his companions.
 The three suspects ran towards Kisad Road turning right at Ina Mansion until they reached General Lim Street where the suspect was arrested while his companions managed to escape.

Woman ‘rearrested’ while in jail for estafa

BAGUIO CITY – Police served a warrant of arrest on a woman accused of illegal recruitment here Monday at the Ladies Dorm of Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.
The suspect was named as Marie Claire Afidchao Vergara also known as Claire or Clarissa Delos Santos, 50 of Purok 22, San Carlos Heights here.  
This, after Maria Ligaya V. Itliong-Rivera, presiding judge of RTC Branch 5, Baguio City issued arrest warrant against her. Vergara was reportedly detained earlier for estafa.

 Drug surrenderee killed in attack

GANU, Isabela – A drug surrenderee was killed in an attack by motorcycle-riding men here early last week.Jojo Aggari, 25, was shot dead by motorcycle-riding men as he was working in front of a house in Barangay District 2. Witnesses said Aggari ran to the house, but one of the assailants pursued him.
Aggari died from several gunshot wounds in the head and body.
Reports said the fatality was on the drug list of the local police and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Woman, 64, evades jail by posting P800,000 bail

BAGUIO CITY – A 64-year-old woman evaded time at the city jail here Monday after she posted bail of P800,000 for estafa.
Arrested was Elizabeth Quinio Pinono, self-employed, who was arrested in her residence at No. 146 Purok 3, km 4, Asin Road. This, after Judge Mona Lisa V. Tiongson-Tabora of RTC, First Judicial Region, Br-7, Baguio City issued warrant against her. She was brought to police station then turned over to the court and posted bail for her temporary liberty.

 Man shot dead in Solano town

NORTH SOLANO, Nueva Vizcaya -- Jamier Davban, 24, was shot dead here in Barangay Poblacion, North Solano on July 16 for still unknown reasons.

Man nabbed for lack of business permit 

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – A man was arrested here Tuesday for operating without a business permit but later walked off free after posting P1,000 bail. Arrested was Sinor Bayod Thomas, 59, businessman, of Kapangan, Benguet.
Thomas was arrested in Barangay Betag here following warrant issued by Melita Amylesha G. Delson-Macaraeg, acting presiding judge of MTC La Trinidad. The suspect was accused in Criminal Case No. R-17968 for violation of Municipal Ordinance 12-2005 known as the 2005 La Trinidad Revised Revenue Code (operating business without permit.)

80-year-old man nabbed for violation of RA 9262

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – An 80-year-old man was arrested here Monday for violation of  Republic Act 9262. Arrested was
Amado Tompao Marino, resident here of JF-101 Toyong, Pico. This, after Marietta B. Coaling, acting presiding judge of RTC Br 9, La Trinidad Benguet docketed under Criminal Case No. 17-CR-11996 issued warrant against him setting bail of P160, 000 for his temporary liberty.

Student shot in Urdaneta

URDANETA, Pangasinan -- Student Salman Madale, 18, was buying cigarettes at a convenience store hre in Barangay San Vicente when he was fired at July 16.

 Lawmen kill shabu seller in buy-bust

TARLAC CITY -- Ramon Romero, alias Boss Ram was killed by lawmen when he reportedly drew his gun when he sensed he had sold shabu to undercover agents here in Barangay Tibag, Tarlac City.  Twenty-one sachets of shabu, a Cal.45 pistol and marked money were among those recovered from the fatality.


Son stabs father dead for saying mother has affair

ITOGON, Benguet – A father was stabbed to death by his son when they had a heated argument during a drinking spree evening of July 1 at the bunker house of a mining area here in Camp 1000 Acupan, Virac.
Itogon police who responded to the incident, identified the victim as Manuel Dallagan Basoyang, 51, married, native of San Juan, Tabuk City, Kalinga.
His son, Mark Anthony Banggawan Basoyang, 21, was arrested by the police and is now facing parricide charge.
Investigation disclosed the father and son with Eleazar Puyao were having a drinking session when the father said: “Adda kabit ni Inam idiay tabuk (Your mother has an affair with another man in Tabuk).”
This angered Mark Anthony who got a knife and stabbed his father in the chest.
The victim was rushed by his brother Melchor Basoyang to the Baguio General Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival by Dr. Paolo Igama at 7:33 p.m.
Both father and son were miners.

Meanwhile, a tunnel collapsed in level 908 (underground) of Philex Mining Corp. was reported at about 4 p.m. on July 16 that resulted in the death of Abelardo Binwag, 48, a scope tram operator.


135 ‘police scalawags’ back to work in C. Luzon

By Mar T. Supnad

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga – The Philippine National Police  announced 135 erring police officers have finished intensive reformation training to rejoin the force through the Police Regional Office 3 in a bid to rid its ranks of scalawags,
“This is part of our internal cleansing program and I am glad that we have already produced graduates,” Chief Supt. Aaron N. Aquino, PRO3 director, said as he welcomed the return of the 135 reformed PNP members to law enforcement duties.
Aquino said the policemen underwent three months of reformation training, dubbed “PRO3 character and aptitude training reformation and transformation,” on PRO3 parade grounds inside this camp.
The training came after a number of policemen were involved in various criminal activities such as kidnapping, extortion, drug pushing and others, damaging the image of the PNP.
“Our graduates will not go back to their respective police stations but will be reassigned to the Regional Public Safety Battalion,” said Aquino.
He added police officers involved in wrongdoing will not be tolerated and that the program for the internal cleansing of the police organization will not stop until every erring cop has been reformed.

“We will continue to improve the image of the police force in order to achieve our mission of changing the negative public perception on the Philippine National Police to a positive one and be credited, once again, as a highly capable, effective, and credible police force,” he added.


Road projects to hasten travel in Cordi provinces

BAGUIO CITY -- Two high-impact projects for the Cordillera are up for implementation to boost development under the national government’s “Build, Build, Build” program The BLISTT (Baguio City and Benguet towns– La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba and Tublay).
The Outer Ring Circumferential Road will improve road access between Baguio and nearby Benguet towns while the Apayao-Ilocos Norte Road will serve as a gateway to the Cordillera from the Ilocos Region through Laoag City to boost tourism and economic activities.
 The BLISTT Outer Ring Circumferential Road will have seven sections and a total length of 81.827 kilometers of national and local roads.
The project, worth almost P4.8 billion, will connect BLISTT to all national roads leading to Baguio City and other Cordillera provinces.
 The bypass road will help ease heavy traffic in Baguio City especially during peak season as this will serve as alternate route for motorists going to nearby Benguet towns.
The new road network will boost tourism and invigorate trade within Cordillera and its neighboring provinces.
 Part of the project is covered by the DOT—DPWH tourism infrastructure development convergence program.
The “Build, Build, Build” program, the DPWH said, allocates higher spending on high-impact infrastructure projects expected to boost the economy and alleviate poverty.


Councilman shot dead in Santiago

SANTIAGO, Isabela -- Drug surrenderee and former village councilman Fredy del Rosario was having a massage in front of his store here in Barangay Calao East, Santiago, Isabela when an unidentified man shot him in the head Monday.
Senior Superintendent Percival Rumbaoa, Santiago police chief, said Del Rosario was an aide of Johnny de Leon, a suspected drug lord in Cagayan Valley, who died in a shootout with police in Quezon City also on July 16.


Kalinga internet users urge Congress: Probe NTC execs

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Congress was urged by internet users here to probe if Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba and other officials of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) are fit to lead the agency tasked to regulate and supervise telecom companies (telcos).
In a letter addressed to Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, Senate Public Services Committee Chairman Grace Poe, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and House Committee on Information and Communications Technology Chairman Victor Yap, 30 Internet users here accused Cordoba of sitting on two NTC orders which they claimed as vital for protection of Internet subscribers.
They said the NTC memoranda were intended to protect users from the “opaque, deceptive and opportunistic manner the telcos deal with users and the public.”
The first issuance, which Cordoba signed on July 15, 2011, directs broadband service providers to disclose minimum broadband/Internet connection speeds and service reliability and service rates on their advertisements, flyers, brochures and service agreements.
“This is intended to stop the practice of telcos of enticing subscribers through the advertisement of their appealing maximum speeds which in truth can only be experienced in the dead of the night while the rest of the day, the signal could go down to or even lower than 10 percent of the advertised speed,” the letter said.
Meanwhile, a circular dated August 13, 2015 upholds the right of users to be informed of the quality of the broadband/Internet connection service being provided.
Lawyer Errol Comafay, one of the signatories, said right to information is a constitutionally protected right and in this modern age, people access information through the Internet which makes it imperative for the government to ensure efficient and reliable Internet service.
“How can the government do this when the agency charged with supervising the operations of the telcos could not even implement simple measures it has crafted?” Comafay asked.

He said apart from the move to have Congress investigate NTC officials, Tabuk City internet users have a pending case against Cordoba before the Ombudsman for ignoring their complaint against Smart filed on Nov. 10, 2015.


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