More poll–related cases reported in Kalinga, Abra

>> Tuesday, May 31, 2016

REPORTS of more election-related incidents were reported in Kalinga and Abra last week. 
In Kalinga province, the wife of Gov. Jocel Baac and his son face charges for allegedly snatching a vote counting machine (VCM).
Karl Baac, his mother Bennyrose and nephew Boyet Jambaro, a certain Manding Merin and several unidentified men were charged before the Department of Justice, Senior Supt. Victor Wanchakan, Kalinga police director, said.
The respondents allegedly barged into the Kinama Elementary School in Rizal town around 7 p.m. on Monday.
The VCM had transmitted election returns before it was seized, police said.
In Tabuk City, a mini bus used during campaign sorties of Kalinga congressional candidate Camilo T. Lammawin Jr, was burned in Tabuk City May 8 around 2:30 a.m.
A certain Joel Gramaje reported to Bulanao police the incident and saw the burning Hino bus owned by  barangay captain Samuel Banasan Suma-al parked on Balinag Street, Purok 3, Bulanao Norte, Tabuk City, Kalinga. Firemen put out the fire 30 minutes later. Cops found a green plastic bottle containing gasoline beside the left rear tire of the bus.
In Rizal town, police responding to a phone call from a concerned citizen found a dump truck at the center of a bridge at Barangay Bulbul with bullet holes while its windshield broken May 8 around 5:30 a.m.
Cops found out the truck bearing plate number NKO 587 was owned by Gov. Jocel C. Baac and driven by Marcos Masadao Basitao 49, of Dagupan Centro, Tabuk City. Basitao was with Juan Tomolba Bilowan, 37, also of Tabuk and other passsengers when police arrived.
Investigation disclosed the truck was traversing Liwan West-Macutay national road towards Bulbul and when it reached Bagbag Bridge, an unidentified manperson went in the middle of the bridge, suddenly drew his pistol and fired at the front of the truck. The suspect immediately fled towards unknown direction after the incident while passengers of the truck who were unharmed ran towards Barangay Proper and asked for help. Police found five empty shells and two slugs of Cal 45 at the site. 
Still in Rizal, unidentified men snatched a VCM for counting ballots here Monday on election day around 7 p.m. at Kinama Elem School.
The men reportedly fled aboard a brown and black pick-up.
Police responded at the area and secured poll officials and election paraphernalia.  
Still in Rizal, a man was shot dead May 9 around 8 p.m. in Barangay Bulbul. Police identified the victim as Rexonv Pagiv Dabban, 31. The sill unknown gunman and a companion reportedly fled towards Barangay Kinama aboard a motorcycle. Police chased the suspects but were not able to catch up with them.
Meanwhile, in Benguet, three young men were arrested on election day around 10 a.m. after they were caught distributing campaign leaflets for party list “Kalinga” at the last gate of the Benguet State University along km 6 in La Trinidad, Benguet.
Poll officials said it was illegal to campaign during the May 9 elections.
Cases were prepared for filing against suspects JhonvDawevMollenido, 21, of Puerto Princesa, Palawan; Alvin Cabarubias Tano, 26,  of Lucena City, Quezon Province, and Arthur Gigando Nazareth, 20,  of Pasi City, Iloilo. Said suspects were accompanied by three minors who were transients at the Pentecostal Church in Barangay Pico of this capital town.
 In Lagayan, Abra, two men narrowly escaped death after they were fired upon by a barangay official and his men.
A police report said the incident happened May 8 at about 9 a.m. at Barangay Pulot here wherein victims were identified as Benjie Andres Vista and Fortunato S. Rodriguez Jr.
Suspects were named as Leonard Jimenez Donato, Pulot barangay chairman; Alex Millare, Ali Donato, EfrenDonato and Oliver Bersamira, all of Pulot and several others. 
Investigation disclosed they received a telephone call from concerned citizen informing that several gunshots were heard in Pulot, Lagayan.
Cops responded immediately and were met by the victims who told them they were fired upon by the above suspects. They said while they were in front of the sari-sari store of Elizabeth Sindon, the suspects arrived onboard an owner type jeep which stopped in front of them. Donato allegedly shouted in Ilocano “Ada ditanniBenjie, patayin yon (Benjie is there already, kill him).” 
Leonardo and the other suspects reportedly drew firearms and fired at the two victims who escaped unharmed.
The suspects fled while firing their firearms continuously hitting the houses of Pablo Pacapac and Medardo Tandingan.
Responding cops recovered fired and unfired bullets at the crime scene. The victims and two minors who witnessed the incident were invited to Lagayan Police Station for their sworn statements.
In the town of San Juan, local folks were alarmed here in Barangay Abualan Proper, during campaign rally of mayoralty candidate lawyer Russel Bragas on May 7 around 8:30 a.m.
Investigation disclosed that while the group of Bragas was conducting house to house campaign, a gray Ford pickup without plate number, with a tarpaulin of Liberal Party and around 10 men carrying firearms arrived. The group was alarmed and scrambled to take cover. Two members of the group were identified as barangay captain Benedicto Tuscano and a certain Fred Caray. Police were alerted and proceeded at the place. While on their way, they met, stopped and checked the Ford pickup but no firearms were found.
Still in Lagayan, a barangay kagawad and three others are now the object of a manhunt after they threatened to kill a widow and her family if they would not vote for their choice. 
A police report said on May 8 at around 11:30 p.m., hey received a phone call from a certain Narcisa Montero Cortez, 47, stating that her neighbors identified as Junardo Regalado Ruben,  Lupito Balaoro, kagawad Rodolfo Balao-as, Bonifacio Ruben Balao-as and Fernando Ruben allegedly threatened her, her minor son, and her nephew Emil Guyang Cortez, 18, farmer, all residents of Barangay Ba-i.
Investigation disclosed that at around 10 a.m. that day, the victims were about to have their lunch when the suspects forcibly entered their house armed with Cal. .45 handgun, armalite and Cal. 7.62.
Cortez said Junardo Ruben, armed with Cal.45 uttered threatening words at them in Ilocano “Okinayo, pumanaw kayo ditoy nu kayatyo pay tiagbiag nu haan yo ibotos ikayat mi You get out of here if you want to stay alive if you won’t vote for our choice)”.
She stated Lupito Balaoro was also armed with armalite while Balao-as was armed with Cal. 7.62. Cortez called their relatives in SitioSilet, Barangay Ba-i for help after the suspects left.


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