Rep Go, Mayor Domogan to work for Baguio’s growth

>> Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BAGUIO CITY – Top newly-elected city officials here vowed to work together to address concerns of the country’s summer capital and push growth and development.
“We will initiate necessary moves to make sure we will closely work together to make sure priority development projects will be smoothly implemented that will address our major problems such as garbage disposal site, traffic jams, improvement of air and water quality, preservation and protection of the environment among others,” Domogan said.
Domogan ran under the umbrella of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) and the Timpuyog ti Baguio local coalition while Go was the standard-bearer of the Nationalista Party – Nationalist Peoples CoalItion (NP-NPC) ticket with a different mayoralty candidate.
The city mayor said that there is need for the city officials to be aggressive in the implementation of priority development projects to address the mayor concerns of the city so that there will be significant gains in the identified solutions to the existing problems of the city.
For his part, Go expressed his willingness to meet new set of local officials so they could find ways to synchronize respective programs, saying he was molded to be a team player by virtue of his experience in the private sector that is why he finds no problem in adjusting to situation in the city.
He expressed belief in unity and teamwork in giving utmost attention to the city’s priority issues and concerns considering that the alignment of programs should be the first step towards gaining headway in meeting the plight of the local residents for such problems to have permanent solutions.
“My experience in the private sector can also be used in helping city officials find ways and means on how to address the identified problems of the city. We will also reach out to the new set of city officials for us to be able to align our priority projects for the benefit of the people,” Go said. The next administration will be confronted on how to solve the city’s garbage disposal concerns, easing the worsening traffic congestions in the central business district, improve the state of the environment, address rapid urbanization, improve quality of life among others to bring the city to greater heights in terms of competitiveness in the national and local levels.
Domogan and Go appealed to the people for their support to the new set of city officials so that they can effectively and efficiently implement their priority projects beneficial in addressing identified priority programs of the local government.


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