153 items open for senior high school mentors, staff

>> Friday, June 3, 2016

By Dexter A. See

BAGUIO CITY – Education officials announced the availability of 153 vacant positions for hiring in preparation for the offering of senior high schools in some eight public schools in the different parts of the city during the opening of classes by June 13.
Dep Ed Acting Assistant Regional Director and concurrent City Schools Superintendent Francis Cesar Bringas said the available items for hiring include 126 teachers and 27 non-teaching personnel, including one principal for the stand alone senior high school in Irisan.
He said the available items will be filled up the soonest prior to the opening of classes, thus, the screening for qualified applicants are underway and appointments will be issued once the process will be completed in time for the opening of classes.
“We will go full blast in the conduct of trainings for our senior high school teachers and the procurement of the needed units of equipment and supplies in order for us to beat our target for the opening of classes by the second week of June,” Bringas said.
He said some 217 teachers will be undergoing the required trainings for the offering of senior high school subjects in the different tracks by the middle of this month to make sure that the teachers will be prepared once classes resume.
According to him, the teachers will be given the appropriate trainings for the academic track, technical-vocational and livelihood track, sports track and arts and design track subjects for them to be able to make sure that enrolled senior high school students for the current batch will be able to acquire descent education in preparation for their desired profession in the future.
Bringas said available teaching and non-teaching positions are exclusively for the different schools identified by the education department to offer senior high school.
He added funds for the hiring of the teaching and non-teaching personnel will be sourced out from the budget of the education department this year considering that it was part of the multi-billion budget that was earmarked by the national government for the full implementation of the K to 12 basic education program for the country’s education system to be able to be at part with the global trend in education.
Bringas positions for principals will be exclusively for the stand alone senior high school in Irisan while the teaching and non-teaching personnel to be hired will be equitably distributed to the eight schools that were identified to offer senior high school for the current school year.
Bringas said the education department selected more teachers to undergo trainings for senior high school so that there will be available teachers who can substitute those who go on emergency leave in order not to disrupt the conduct of regular classes during the school year.


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