Cherry Blossoms Park to boost Atok tourism

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ATOK, Benguet -- The picturesque cherry blossoms of Japan will start to become a tourist attraction in this town three years from now,  since 34 Sakura (cherry) trees planted in this vegetable town last week will bear flowers.
Sakura trees, which grow in temperate regions are Japan’s national flower which symbolize hope.
The tree planting, marking the 40th year of the Benguet-Kochi Prefecture sisterhood ties, was held at Haight’s Place in Barangay Paoay, here.
Kochi delegates, led by Second Secretary of the Japan Embassy in the Philippines Takuhiro Watanabe and Barangay officials of Paoay, municipality officials, provincial officials led by Gov. Nestor Fongwan planted the trees.
According to Fongwan, the site is perfect to grow cherry trees due to cold weather where frost often occurs January and February.
It is 2,300 meters above sea level.
There are two colors but the pink colors are the ones planted in Benguet which are expected to blossom in April, 2019, Fongwan said.


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