Father ‘rapes’ 5- year-old daughter

>> Thursday, January 5, 2017

AGUINALDO, Ifugao – A mother reported to police her 5-year-old daughter was raped by her husband.
Florence Mataag Paulha, 43, dressmaker, told police her daughter was sexually abused morning of Oct. 17.
She said her three children including the victim earlier went to school while she went to market leaving her husband Benjamin Chullahig Paulha 44, farmer, native of Batad, Banaue.
The victim returned home that morning of same date since they did not have class. At about 1 p.m. same date, Florence went home and immediately went to the kitchen for lunch.
Suddenly her child came and embraced her at her back and told her that her father kissed her. 
Florence confronted her husband but he denied everything.
At about 7 p.m. that day, she noticed that her child had difficultly urinating prompting to ask her why.
The child told her that her vagina was painful.
Florence said she was shocked when she saw blood stains on the kid’s underwear so she immediately removed it, laid her on the bed, checked her vagina and saw that blood was still coming out from it.
She said she called her husband and showed everything but there was no reaction from him.
Instead, her husband reportedly took the blooded underwear then washed it immediately.
A case is being prepared ready for referral at the prosecutor’s office against the suspect.


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