DOH: No condom distribution in Cordillera schools

>> Saturday, February 18, 2017

By Leonila Juda Reyes

BAGUIO CITY – Condoms are not being distributed in government schools in Cordillera, regional Health officials said.

Dr. Amelita M. Pangilinan, Director III of Dept. of Health-Cordillera Administrative Region bared this in media forum here Thursday the DOH-CAR will not be distributing condoms to the public but will make it available for them in health centers. She mentioned the A-B-C-D  the public should remember to avoid HIV-AIDS. First is “A” for abstinence.                       One way is to not have sex especially for unmarried couples. “B” is to “be loyal” to your spouse and to have sexual intercourse only with the spouse. “C” is to use condoms for protection. “D” is to say no to drugs. It had reportedly   been an issue since DOH-National Capital Region announced it will be implementing a pilot study of safe sex advocacy among the youth to protect them from rising cases of HIV-AIDS and early or unwanted pregnancy. The DOH-NCR reportedly plans to distribute condoms in secondary schools next school year which led the public to come up with different reactions. For now, they are only distributing condoms in health centers.


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