Stolen goat leads to arrest of carnap syndicate members

>> Thursday, March 16, 2017

By Liezle Basa Iñigo

ASINGAN, Pangasinan — Police busted a suspected carnapping syndicate in a raid, originally intended to recover a stolen goat but resulted in the discovery of seven stolen motorcycles, three stolen tricycles, a handgun, and five sachets of “shabu” in Barangay Poblacion, this town, yesterday.
Chief Insp. Junmar Gonzales, local chief of police, said the raid conducted in Barangay Poblacion at 7:30 a.m. was intended to confirm reports of existence of illegal firearms and a stolen goat.
However, Senior Insp. Reynante Organista, deputy chief of police who led the raid, said his team found seven alleged stolen motorcycles, three tricycles, a handgun, five sachets of “shabu,” and suspected loot amounting to P400,000.
Arrested and taken to the police station was Cristina Ballicud, 37, who denied involvement in illegal activities.
“We followed the suspects’ movements and found that they would buy goats stolen from other areas and then resell them. But little did we suspect that they were also in possession of stolen motorcycles,” said Organista.
At least 20 residents of this town and nearby areas have come forward to the Asingan Municipal Police Station to complain about their stolen goats and motorcycles last week.
Initially, charges of violation of Republic Act 8294 (Illegal Possession of Firearms) and R.A. 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act) were being prepared against the suspect, said Gonzales.

Police said follow-up operations will be done to arrest her cohorts.


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