DOH: 1,671 illnesses, 306 dengue ‘cases’ in Cordillera

>> Saturday, April 29, 2017

BAGUIO CITY – The regional Dept. of Health said there were 1,671 influenza- like illnesses and 306 dengue suspected cases recorded in Cordillera the past few months.
With onset of summer, the DOH urged the public to be cautious as food and water -borne diseases are likely as bacteria are easier to develop with  hotter temperature.
Geeny Anne Austria of DOH – Cordillera told a media forum with summer heat, common illnesses like typhoid fever and acute bloody diarrhea are caused by food and water contamination.
Based on the DOH – CAR regional epidemiology surveillance init (RESU) monitoring report, from January to March 18 this year, there were 322 acute bloody diarrhea and 364 typhoid suspects recorded in the region.
Austria urged the public to be cautious in food preparations and safety as bacteria easily develops at hotter temperature.
She said moderation in cooking food and proper handling should be done so there will be not much leftovers.
Other summer illnesses that the public needs to watch out are influenza- like illnesses and dengue which is now a year- round concern, Austria added.

Though the health department expects dengue cases to decrease this summer, the public is  advised to clean possible breeding sites  as cases have been noted in in barangays Bulanao and Dagupan Centro  in  Tabuk City, Kalinga. -- J. Maximo and A. Halal 


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