Kiangan 2nd in child abuse victims in Ifugao

>> Saturday, April 29, 2017

By Daniel B. Codamon

KIANGAN, Ifugao – This town has the second highest number of sexually abused and exploited children in Ifugao last year, municipal social welfare and development officer Mario Indopia bared.
Following this revelation, a team from the Saint Louis University Sunflower Children’s  Center based  in Baguio City recently conducted healing session for victims of child abuse in this municipality
The healing session was aimed to help child victims overcome trauma they experienced so they can regain their self-worth and dignity, and to provide them opportunities to deal with their traumatic experiences team members said.
Jennifer Garcia, assistant director of the Baguio-based children’s  center, social workers and psychologists delivered lectures and held group dynamics activities  children victims.
The assistance was sought by the municipal government through Indopia.

The municipal government will forge a memorandum of agreement with the Sunflower Children’s Center headed by Fr. Geraldo Acosta after a partnership dialogue and exploratory talks between officials of the Center and Kiangan government will be completed.


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