‘Senakulo’ touches Baguio; moves to 3 more venues

>> Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Larry P. Fabian

BAGUIO CITY -- The “Senakulo 2017” shown in this city for three nights brought tears and a renewal of faith and reflection to most of those who attended the show at the Melvin Jones Grandstand.
“Lola Maring” who arrived at the final show here last Monday night with her granddaughter said, “I am glad that something like this (Senakulo) happened here in Baguio, as this had been a practice before especially in the lowlands during the Holy Week.”
“Now my granddaughter had fully understood why we have to reflect on our faith especially during the Lenten Season,” she said.
Close to a thousand spectators braved the chilly evening to watch actors portray the different characters involved from Christ’s baptism till his ascension to heaven.
The theatrical production organized by Alpha-Omega Productions and the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ said the show was meant to bring back the meaning of Holy Week to the Catholic religion.
Pastor Let Ferriols said, “This is a time of reflection and renewing our belief as followers of Christ’s teachings. It portrays the sacrifices of the Messiah just to save men from their sins.”
A group of Korean students watching on the back row said they were moved. “We wish a show like this could also be shown in our country,” said one student named Han.

The Senakulo 2017 will continue to be shown but will move from Baguio City to Villasis Auditorium in Villasis, Pangasinan today; Angeles City in Pampanga tomorrow; and the Riverpark in Marikina City on April Good Friday.


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