Baguilat hits ‘extra-judicial’ impeachment case vs Robredo

>> Friday, May 19, 2017

IFUGAO Rep. Teddy Brawner Baguilat criticized what he called the extra-judicial filing of another impeachment complaint against Vice President Leni Robredo, calling it political adventurism by a group of critics who are wanting in credibility yet are determined to forcibly remove Robredo from office despite her clear mandate from the Filipino people.
A group of critics on Tuesday filed an impeachment complaint against Robredo, which also used the name of PBA Partylist Rep. Jericho Nograles without his knowledge or consent. 
 "I'm calling this an extra-judicial filing because, much like EJKs, it disregards procedure, is baseless and abuses whatever discretion is granted to the perpetrators," Baguilat said.
"Without a willing endorser, it appears that the impeachment complaint against the vice president is now being peddled among members of the House like some cheap product, in the hope that someone, anyone, would allow themselves to be used for a publicity stunt. I urge my colleagues to not put their name to something that is patently baseless," said Baguilat, who represents the independent minority bloc in the Lower House.
"I would also like to caution the group behind the impeachment complaint against using any member of Congress to further their cause," added Baguilat, who, like Robredo, is a member of the Liberal Party.
As an LP member, Baguilat said he remained solidly behind the vice president and will block any attempts to forcibly remove her from office. 
"I am firm in my belief that she is doing her job to serve the Filipino people, this despite the concerted efforts to prevent her from doing all that she can for the nation," said Baguilat.
Baguilat also scored the group of patently pro-Duterte individuals for not even taking the time to file their case properly and according to the rules and regulations of the House of Representatives.
"For me, it is quite obvious that they are driven by no other motivation than to shame Vice President Robredo by any means, never mind if it violates due process or even common sense," said Baguilat.
He commended Rep. Nograles for censuring the group for brazenly including his name in the complaint and for having the foresight to say that as a member of the justice committee, he cannot sign the impeachment complaint lest he become a biased adjudicator.
"I appeal to the sense of fairness, objectivity and public duty of my other colleagues in the House, to see this strained impeachment complaint for what it truly is: an insidious campaign against the Vice President and, ultimately, a half-baked attempt to destabilize our country's leadership, especially considering the President's command to put a stop to these complaints," Baguilat said.


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