Case set vs farmer for raping 4-year-old

>> Monday, May 22, 2017

HINGYON, Ifugao – A 65-year-old farmer was the object of a complaint here Wednesday for allegedly sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl.
The suspect identified as Jose Linlingon, was the object of a complaint by the grandmother of the victim who went to the police station here and reported that on May 5, the victim was sexually abused by their neighbor.
Investigation disclosed morning of May 6, the victim was informed by her mother that a witness told her she was raped by the suspect.
Interview conducted with the witness during a follow-up investigation disclosed that day, she and the victim were playing inside the latter’s house.
Later, the victim went outside and did not return that prompted her to look for her at house of the suspect.
Upon reaching the nearby house of the suspect, witness noticed the door was closed prompting her to peep through an opening of the door and saw the victim inside the house naked while suspect was masturbating while holding the vagina of the victim. Later, the suspect sat on the floor and forced the victim to sit on his lap. 

Police were preparing a complaint to be filed in court against the suspect at press time.


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