Government workers to get mid-year bonus May 15

>> Monday, May 22, 2017

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) recently released the guidelines on the grant of midyear bonus to government employees this year.
Under Budget Circular 2017-2, the midyear bonus, which is equivalent to the salary of employees for one month, should be given starting May 15. 
Regular, casual or contractual, appointive or elective and full or part-time employees in the executive, legislative, judiciary, constitutional commissions and offices, state universities and colleges as well as government-owned and-controlled corporations (GOCCs) covered by the compensation and position classification system are entitled to the bonus.
Only personnel who have rendered at least a total or an aggregate of four months of service starting July 1 last year and obtained a satisfactory performance rating are eligible to receive the bonus.
Retirees whose services have been extended and employees who face administrative or criminal cases that are still pending for resolution are also entitled to the bonus.

It is up to the municipal and city councils and governing boards of GOCCs whether to grant midyear bonus to their employees.   


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