‘Indian and Pangasinense’ Baguio days approved

>> Thursday, June 1, 2017

BAGUIO CITY – The city council passed on first reading last week two separate proposed ordinances declaring an “Indian Day” and a “Natan La-Pangasinense Day” in the Summer Capital on Oct. 19 and Dec.  8, 2017, respectively and every year thereafter and appropriating funds for these events.
Both authored by councilor Edgar Avila, his first measure states that Baguio has long been the home of Indians who have migrated from their homeland and established well-known businesses here and have engaged in community service.
“Very much like Filipinos, the Indians are a very charitable people.  Numerous Indian organizations conduct philanthropic activities not only in the City of Baguio but in the entire country, serving thousands of poor families for many years now through their social and civic programs,” it adds.                    
The proposed ordinance also notes the very rich Indian culture and that their cuisine is worth embracing.
“It is apparent that the socio-economic and civic ties we have with Indians are here to stay considering that most have already inter-married with Filipinos.  It is about time that we welcome and recognize their presence and contribution in the community,” the measure states.
Avila’s second proposed ordinance states that the socio-economic and cultural linkage between Igorots and lowland natives established commercial and kinship ties and can be found in Spanish chronicles long before the conquistadors came.
The measure adds that many lowland natives, including Pangasinenses, migrated from their coastal homes and  established themselves in the City of Pines not only in the private sector but in  government as well where many have occupied important seats like former Mayor Jun Labo and councilors Nicasio Palaganas and Edilberto Tenefrancia.

“It is about time that we celebrate and recognize the contribution of our Pangasinense brothers and sisters in the community and city of Baguio,” it said. – Gaby Keith


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