Blacklist of erring Kalinga contractors mulled

>> Saturday, July 29, 2017

By Jessi Maguiya

TABUK CITY, Kalinga -- The Dept. of Education Tabuk District is mulling  blacklisting contractors of substandard school buildings.
 Engineer Paul Palliso, DepEd Tabuk division engineer, identified the involved building projects as those at Tabuk City National High School, San Juan Elementary School and Bayabat Elementary School.
He said it was discovered that the school building projects implemented by the Dept. of Public Works and Highways were damaged by Typhoon “Lawin” prior to the defect liability period and were thus deemed substandard.
Palliso said the defect liability period of 12 months after a construction project has been completed compels the contractor to re-do the defective building parts.
He said they are now validating reports and will come up with a recommendation to blacklist contractors of the said projects since they did not bother to make the appropriate repairs despite notices from the DepEd.
Based on the inspection conducted, it was found that the damages were an effect of the buildings' having been below the standards.
There were at least 40 schools in Tabuk City which incurred damages following Typhoon Lawin in November 2016.
Most of these school buildings were damaged – mostly ceiling trusses and roofing which need major repair or replacement.
 The DepEd Tabuk has already proposed P1.5 million to reinstate the main function of the infrastructures damaged by the super typhoon   and replace the destroyed parts with durable materials and applying good quality workmanship.
 To assure that the school buildings would be ready during the opening of classes last June 5, the DepEd initiated the repairs with at least 90 percent of them already done and ready for use.
Special education funds are also ready to finance several structures particularly school stage and bleachers for six public schools in the city -- Magabbangon Elementary School, Nambucayan Elementary School, Gradual Discovery Elementary School, Agbannaaag National High School, Tabuk City National High School and Bulo East Elementary School which will receive P70,000 each for the repair facilities.

Frances Gacuya, member of the Social Mobilization and School Governance Operation Division who monitored the schools said “most of the visited schools are still undergoing temporary repair.  -- PNA


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