>> Monday, December 24, 2007

The year that was

What a year – failed coups, human rights violations, deaths due to storms and other man-made and natural calamities, the strength of the peso being questioned and yes, the release of convicted and former congressman rapist Romeo Jalosjos.

Extraordinary events in this country have become commonplace that nothing surprises people anymore. Graft and corruption has become common and it is no surprise if government officials even brag about how much they illegally got from government coffers which were taken from the hard-earned money of this country’s constituents. Government contracts are still implemented even these are irregular.

The so-called excesses of government have led to the rise of pseudo leaders who claimed they were God’s gift to the Filipino people. Movie stars want to become politicians while politicians want to become movie stars.

The Senate and the House of Representatives have become known as “top rate acting schools” due to propensity of some of our lawmakers to grandstand even over simple issues like how to eat ice cream.

There were instances wherein the public was shown also how to elect officials to office even with a few measly votes. The government is claiming the peso has become stronger but to some economists, it was the dollar which became weaker.

Farmers had to walk from Mindanao to Malacanang just to air their plight and press the government to recognize their lands. A survey says the quality of education in the Philippines has steadily declined over the years. The poor are complaining they don’t have enough food on the table while government workers are given hefty bonuses this Christmas.

Despite warning of the Department of Health that firecrackers are dangerous to health, people are still lighting up the deadly devises. Sangguniang kabataan pools are tainted with anomalies and the so-called future of the country are learning how to cheat at their young age.

We are what pundits call a “global disgrace” and a lot more but there are also things which happened to this country this year like the ratification of the cheap medicines law. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, may this season remind us that there is still hope for this country if our officials, who are the opposite of what good public servants should be, repent their evil ways and show the way to righteousness so that constituents would have good role models. Amen!


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