112 Badjaos nabbed, forced out of Baguio

>> Sunday, December 20, 2009

BAGUIO CITY – Police and social workers from the city social welfare and development office arrested 112 members of the Badjao tribe who are in this mountain resort city conducting begging activities the past months.

The Badjaos were arrested in Burnham Park, Friday evening, which they are using as their temporary lodging area at night in a bid to rid the city of increasing number of mendicants, especially during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The city government gave the Badjaos transport expenses so they will go back to their respective points or origin.

Most of the Badjaos loiter around the city during daytime and beg from local residents and tourists who are walking along streets and parks as well as those eating in business establishments in the city’s central business district area.

According to social workers, Badjaos usually flock to the city during the Yuletide season and pursue their begging activities since they know that local residents and tourists in the city are generous, thus, they want to take advantage of the situation to earn a living.

The city social welfare development office said activities of the Badjaos violated the anti-mendicancy ordinance of the local government, thus, they had to implement the same to prevent the image of the city from being placed in a bad light.

The past years, Badjaos in the city increased during the months of November and December to beg from local residents and tourists which undermines the spirit of the approved anti-mendicancy ordinance. – Dexter A. See


PinoyApache December 20, 2009 at 9:48 PM  

Kawawa naman sila. Wala na kasi yung tribal structure nila kaya watak-watak na sila kung saan-saan. It is time that the community & the local governments should help them to regain their self-esteem...

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