Closure of Baguio roads for Pangagbenga urged

>> Sunday, December 20, 2009

By Mary Rose Luis

BAGUIO CITY -- Organizers of the Panagbenga Flower Festival urged city officials last week to close some roads for use during revelries Feb. 1 to March 7 next year.

The Panagbenga executive committee, in a letter to the mayor and city council, requested closure of Military Cut Off rotunda to lower Session and Harrison roads for the opening parade.

The committee also requested the use of the Athletic Bowl for street dancing competition and fireworks display.

From March 1 to 7, during the market encounter and landscaping contest, the committee asked closure of Burnham Lake Drive for concerts and kiosks for merchandising and dining facilities.

During the fluvial parade on Feb. 14, the committee asked use of the lake platform for a stage play.

Closure of Legarda Road from Baguio Palace Hotel to Gilligan's for the Legarda Rocks activity is scheduled on Feb. 12 to 14, while for the Abanao Nights, the committee asked closure of road fronting Abanao Square for a concert and outdoor bistro.

During the grand street parade on Feb. 27 roads eyed for closure are from Military Cut Off to Lower Session Road, Magsaysay Avenue and Harrison.

Next day, a grand float parade will follow the same route of the grand street dancing parade but will shorten its route and will not take Magsaysay Avenue .

For the Session Road in Bloom, the organizers requested closure from March 1 to 7.

Adjoining streets like Gov. Pack Road , Calderon Street , Assumption Road , Father Carlu loop, Perfecto Street , Malcolm Square Road and Mabini Street were also cited as entrance, exit points and staging area for emergency vehicles.

The use of Melvin Jones grandstand for Pony Boys Day and the Athletic Bowl grandstand for the closing rites was also asked.


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