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>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It is only once a year that we celebrate the birth of Christ, so we deem it fitting to stray way from our usual hard-hitting editorials on corruption in government and the evil ways of those in power particularly during the previous administration.

So let us cite some Christian doctrines like the best way to live a peaceful life is to emulate Jesus Christ’s way by embracing the values of peace, forgiveness, love, hope and humility.

Another Christian doctrine is forgiving those who sinned against us. But for this nation to be more peaceful, those who have done evil deeds like murder, corruption, poll fraud, among other transgressions of the law, should be made accountable for their sins

Considering that God gave his only begotten son to save mankind, people must also learn to practice love in order to prevent conflicts at home, in the community and the country.

The best way, priests exhort, is to reflect on Jesus Christ’s way of life and start reforming to do better the coming year.

People must be hopeful for progress and improvement in their living condition the coming years, they are told, because hope will keep people up on their feet to meet challenges that confront them and hurdle them.

Humility is one trait Christianity teaches. But how often have we seen people, particularly those in government who have acted the opposite.

For those in government, priests have often exhorted that they should institute reforms in themselves and in their offices so that the impression of the public on their competence to serve their constituents will not be compromised because of the wrong deeds of a few of them.

There are a lot more. But like we said, the yuletide season should be a time for a ceasefire and respite from bickering, backbiting, wheeling dealing and other evil ways. Let us hope the government will do more for the people this coming year particularly in going after crooks and in improving the economy.

So peace be unto you and here’s hoping for a more peaceful and prosperous new year.


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