Kalinga nabs 351 vehicle violators

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

By Peter A. Balocnit

TABUK CITY, Kalinga- - The Land Transportation Office here through its law enforcement arms and deputized agents apprehended 351 transport utilities for violation of land transportation rules and traffic regulations of various kinds from January to November 4 this year.

Provincial LTO officer Jennilyn Angog said the Flying Squad apprehended 250 violators; the Philippine National Police – 101; and an undetermined number of crash helmet violators by the Highway Patrol Group.

Violations ranged from operating as colorum, unregistered vehicle/motor, driving without license, no helmet, and other charges.

“Apprehended vehicles and motors were impounded immediately and were released upon payment of penalties and compliance to requirements,” Angog said.

She said the Flying Squad conducted four operations within the period while the 17 deputized PNP agents and HPG are stationary in strategic points enforcing traffic rules and regulations.

The PNP, she said was deputized for three months but their deputization is renewable. “We requested additional policemen from the Provincial Mobile Group to help in the enforcement of traffic laws,” Angog informed adding that the deputization of policewomen formerly among the 25 PNP personnel deputized before was not renewed.

Meanwhile, Angog called on parents of minors aging below the 17 age limit not to allow them to drive. “Records of most road accidents involved minors especially those driving motorbikes,” she said.

Though the number of road accidents is insignificant in the province, Angog reminded drivers to observe traffic rules, and asked operators and drivers to comply with LTO requirements to avoid travel inconveniences.


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