NPA rebels attack Army post in Abra

>> Tuesday, December 24, 2013

LACUB, Abra – Army troopers are now conducting “search and destroy” operations against New People’s Army guerillas who  attacked an army detachment here Dec. 15.

“This is a continuity of a series of punitive attacks against the 41st Infantry Battalion due to continuing human rights violations and will also serve as a warning to Golden Lake (mining company) and to Lacub officials who are intent in imposing the operation of large-scale mining.”

Danreb Bringas, spokesperson of Procopio Tauro Front –NPA North Abra bared this saying harassment operations Dec.15 against the Bantugo Detachment of Charlie Company, 41st IB at the Poblacion were meant to serve as warning.

He didn’t disclose if anybody was hurt in the attacks.

According to Bringas, the 41st IB has long been serving as security force of large-scale mining interests.  

“They are also being used to pressure and terrorize the masses who are opposing entry of large-scale mining, such as what happened during the bogus FPIC (free, prior, informed consent) process last May 2012 in Lacub,” he said.  

“Aside from this, the 41st IB continuously violates rules of war as mandated by International Humanitarian Law against using civilians as human shields, in the CARHRIHL (Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law) stating clearly that military units should not encamp in populated areas, and in the IPRA (Indigenous People’s Rights Act) that prohibits encampment and military operations in ancestral lands without prior consent of the indigenous peoples.”  He added a UNICEF declaration banned military camps in vicinity of schools, such as in Bantugo, Poblacion.

Bringas also warned LGU officials who were allegedly in cahoots with Golden Lake Mineral Resources by claiming that exploration is not mining and promising projects to be given by the mining company, when these projects should have been delivered by the national and local governments.

 “The CPP-NPA-CPDF consistently stands in opposition destructive projects such as large-scale mining, dams and illegal logging, who benefit on a few.  Based on the collective experiences of corporate mining communities, it is only the companies who really benefits and get rich, while the people continue to suffer, especially after the destruction of land, water and other resources.  No amount of money and so-called projects, roads and alleged employment can replace the destruction of communities,”

Bringas warned Golden Lake/Magdaleno Pena Mining Company: “Just try to bring your equipment, and surely you will feel the people’s protests and the punitive actions by the NPA.”


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