Baguio mayor pushes PUV modernization on case basis

>> Tuesday, December 25, 2018

By Dexter A. See 

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said implementation of the government’s public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization should be on a case-to-case basis with road worthiness of the vehicles as main consideration for the program.
He said the memorandum from the Transportation Secretary authorizing the implementation of the PUV modernization program is a mere office order subject to possible legal action by concerned sectors affected by its implementation by March next year so it should be implemented selectively.
“If PUVs are proven to be road-worthy based on assessment for road worthiness and do not emit smoke beyond the safe standards, then the same should be allowed to continue their operations but if the PUVs do not pass the said tests, then they will not be allowed to continue operations,” Domogan said.
The new model of PUVs to replace those that pass road-worthiness test, he added, should be suitable to the peculiar terrain of Baguio city and the Cordillera to guarantee safety of motorists and passengers.
He said the local government supports the clamor of the local transport sector in calling for the exclusion of Baguio from the pilot areas for the implementation of the PUV modernization because the jeepney models being eyed for use seem not to be suitable to existing mountain roads.
Domogan said requiring PUV operators to establish cooperatives or corporations should also be optional instead of mandatory so that those who are willing to put up cooperatives and corporations for their transport business can do so while those who can afford to individually operate their transport business can do the same.
 Earlier, local transport groups expressed opposition to the implementation of the government’s PUV modernization program because the jeepneys being proposed to replace the existing ones seem not to be suitable to the mountain roads which could pose a serious threat to the safety of motorists and passengers.
Transport groups also opposed the ordered establishment of transport corporations and cooperatives that will consolidate all the franchises of PUVs because it will deprive the registered owners of the said franchises their right over the same considering that they will be under the jurisdiction and control of the corporation or cooperative.
               Domogan said legitimate PUV owners will be deprived of their rights over their franchises as the same will be under the transport corporations or cooperatives that will be created and the juridical entity will have full control and authority of the franchises that runs counter to the present situation in the transport sector, thus, an extensive review must be done by the concerned government agency on the rules and regulations governing the PUV modernization program so that pro-transport policies will be put in place.


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