Cordi PNP chief sues CPA leader for libel

>> Monday, February 15, 2021

Demolition of slain anti-Chico Dam heroes marker tiff

BAGUIO CITY -- Police Brig. Gen. R’Win Pagkalinawan, Cordillera regional police chief, is suing an officer of the militant Cordillera People’s Alliance for cyber libel for blaming him over the dismantling of a memorial to Kalinga leader Macli-ing Dulag. Pagkalinawan claimed CPA secretary general Sarah “Bestang” Dekdeken blamed him for the demolition of the Dulag memorial during a press conference here the group streamed on its Facebook page on Jan. 14.
    "Such statements made by Dekdeken is degrading and destroying my moral reputation as the head of the Cordillera police and as a public servant," he said.
The Cordillera police chief said the demolition of the Dulag memorial marker last month was based "on a Kalinga provincial resolution to remove the structure since it is being used by the CPA to recruit minors into communism while portraying Macli-ing Dulag as a member of the New People's Army."
Dulag, Pedro Dungoc and Lumbaya Gayudan, whom the marker commemorates fought the World Bank-funded Chico Dam project construction in the 1970s.
According to the Bantayog ng mga Bayani, "Dulag was murdered by government soldiers on April 24, 1980.
They surrounded his house one night and sprayed it with bullets. His assassination merely solidified opposition to the dam and won it sympathizers from all over the country and even abroad." 
Pagkalinawan cited a DPWH right-of-way memorandum declaring the memorial "violative of the national road-right-of-way."
According to the Upper Kalinga District Engineering Office, the marker is located 4.10 meters from the road and is within the right of way.
He added he "never ordered any policeman to remove the structure.


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