Baguio vaccine priority breach ordered probed

>> Saturday, April 3, 2021

BAGUIO CITY — An investigation has been ordered into the reported violation of the Covid-19 vaccine priority rule by some officials of the Saint Louis University (SLU) in this city.
    Baguio City Mayor Benjamin has ordered an investigation after learning that some SLU executives including its president reportedly jumped the line to avail themselves of the vaccine ahead of people in the priority list.
    The report came out after Fr. Macwayne Mangiwang, SLU parish priest, admitted on March 9 that he had received his first dose of the Sinovac shot.
    Personnel of the SLU hospital and clinic who received their first dose of the vaccine, being among the priority sectors, confirmed their superiors also got inoculated along with them.
    Magalong said he ordered city health services office chief Rowena Galpo to investigate the incident.
Cordillera regional Health office chief Dr. Ruby Constantino said they have not received any report about the incident.
    Constantino said the health department recently issued a memorandum clarifying the vaccine priority list.
    “When someone who is not in the priority list gets vaccinated, a report must be submitted to us so we can verify the report and inform the concerned local government unit to explain and justify the incident,” Constantino said.
    “The Dept. of Health is strict in following the priority list, especially for AstraZeneca because we have to strictly abide by an agreement signed with COVAX. Any line jumping will affect the succeeding vaccine allocation from the COVAX,” she added.


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