Easter hope amidst Covid-19 pandemic

>> Tuesday, April 6, 2021


People praying in churches are limited due to physical distancing. Most restaurants are closed. Family members who aren’t already under the same roof may not be gathering because of Covid-19 restrictions. This Easter Sunday is very different than any we have experienced in the past.
    The novel coronavirus pandemic has shut down cities, economies and in-person social interaction around the world and casts a shadow more in keeping with the darkness of the Good Friday crucifixion than with the sunrise of the Easter resurrection.
It is a special day for more than two billion Christians worldwide, most of whom will be worshiping through remote livestreams or even Zoom, another reminder of what the virus has done to our daily lives.
It is not a religious holiday for others, but it has become a celebration nonetheless.
The holiday involves family gatherings and events for children, although health protocols should be followed to lessen Covid-19 afflictions.   Easter signifies the beginning of renewal, rebirth and a sense of hope even as the Covid-10 pandemic ravages the world.
The development of anti-Covid-19 vaccines may lessen infections. But then, even with uncertainty and suffering, this pandemic may soon come to pass in the near future – with God’s grace.   


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