Baguio night market fees increased

>> Sunday, June 12, 2022

BAGUIO CITY -- The city government said funds that will be generated from slight increase in regulatory fees from operation of the night market here will be used for basic services wherein  vendors will also benefit.
    The City Treasury Office started collecting May 29 from night market vendors the P500 weekly regulatory fees that coincided with the expansion of slots from 1.5 by 1.5 meters to 2 by 2 meters pursuant to executive order 62, series of 2022 issued May 25, 2022.
    Marietta Alvarez, CTO supervising administrative officer and officer-in-charge of the market division, said increase in weekly regulatory fees was result of their consensus during a meeting last May 18.
    She said more than 80 percent of attendees of said meeting voted in favor of the increase in the weekly regulatory fees from P350 to P500 after Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong explained to them reasons why the local government will be increasing fees for the nightly activity.
    The CTO official said the mayor was candid in informing them that the local government’s resources was  depleted because of enormous expenses that was incurred in pandemic response that is why city officials requested for funds from higher authorities.
    According to her, the funds that will be generated will be used to augment resources for assistance to individuals in crisis situations, medical aid among other social welfare programs, projects and activities of the local government.
    Alvarez said prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a plan by the local government to increase weekly fees of the night market to P700 but the same was shelved because of heavy impact inflicted by the pandemic to economic activities and sources of livelihood of the people.
    She said the mayor left the meeting to allow participating vendors to decide on the increase that will be affordable to them for the time being.
    She said the previous regulatory fee for the night market was outdated that is why the local government decided to increase the same to a reasonable level in consultation with the concerned sectors for them to provide recommendations on amount affordable to affected vendors. – Dexter A. See


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