Atok wants tourism sites registered

>> Thursday, August 4, 2022

ATOK, Benguet: The municipal government of Atok wants all tourism sites in the municipality registered to ensure proper monitoring of operations.
    Mayor Franklin Smith stated that the local government is crafting a comprehensive master plan for the town's tourism industry aside from working out the appointment of a municipal tourism action officer who will be in charge of all tourism-related activities in the municipality.
    He pointed out that there is a need to put things in their proper perspective on the local tourism industry that is why he sent two municipal government personnel to undergo training from the tourism department.
    Aside from being registered with the local government for the establishment of a directory of tourist destinations in the municipality, Smith also advised owners of private tourist destinations to improve facilities and amenities such as availability of sufficient parking spaces within their properties, the provision of clean comfort rooms and offering quality food to customers.
    The mayor said tourism and agriculture are two of the town's major economic drivers that is why concerned stakeholders must start introducing appropriate improvements in tourism sites so people will be enticed to visit the municipality and contribute to the revival of the local tourism industry.
    At present, the municipality is getting a fair share of tourist arrivals numbering to around 350 daily but the said number significantly increases during weekends where there is a noticeable movement of people wanting to visit their desired tourist destinations inside and outside the province.
    Smith underscored that the town's tourist sites must be ready to accommodate the expected significant increase in the number of tourist arrivals by the end of the year.

    He revealed that the municipal government will conduct necessary consultations with the concerned tourism industry stakeholders of the guidelines regarding the operation of tourist spots in the municipality to provide foreign and domestic visitors quality accommodation and treatment that will serve as the town's identity.

    Smith expressed hope that the local tourism industry will be able to sustain its initial gains so that those who were earlier employed by the operation of the tourist sites will be able to get back their jobs while others will be able to regain their established economic activities and sources of livelihood which they had been using as their major source of income to sustain the living condition of their families.



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