Baguio council wants millions of Covid-19 funds accounted for

>> Wednesday, August 24, 2022

BAGUIO CITY – The City Council told the city Health Services Office (CHSO) to submit within two weeks upon receipt an updated report to the local legislative body utilization of the Covid-19 supplemental budget amounting to P94.2 million under ordinance 92, series of 2021, current Covid-19 operations in the city and strategies to address spread of the virus.
    Under resolution 298, series of 2022, legislators said they wanted updates on how the local government utilized funds provided by said ordinance.
    Last year, the council also required the CHSO to submit a detailed report on the utilization of the Covid-19 funds appropriated by the local government prior to the enactment of ordinance 92, series of 2021.
    The body also wanted with updates on strategies with the emergence of variants of the virus aside from threat of monkey pox among other illnesses that pose threat to health condition of the people.
    The body said there was need for concerned offices to provide the local legislative body with updates on implementation of their programs, projects and activities and how funds for the same were utilized for purposes of transparency and accountability before allowing further requests for appropriations through supplemental budgets.
    The approved resolution will be transmitted to the CHSO for its appropriate action, information, guidance and ready reference. By Dexter A. See



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