Olowan reports Baguio City SP’s performance

>> Saturday, August 6, 2022

Jordan G. Habbiling

BAGUIO CITY -- Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan, during the executive-legislative agenda on July 11, presented the performance of the Baguio City Council for the term 2019-2022 in attainment of the city government’s 16-point agenda.
    According to Olowan, 394 ordinances and 1,981 resolutions were passed and approved by the city council for the period July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022 with a total of 2,375 legislations.
    Of the 2,375, more or less 329 enacted resolutions and ordinances were linked to the 16-point agenda.
    Among the 16 points, expanding health and social services was the most legislated.
    “Many of these legislations were enacted at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic where the local government exhausted its resources and manpower and worked with the private sector to send relief and deliver basic services to the constituents, especially to the most impacted sectors,” Olowan said.
    Ranked second as the most legislated was aggressive traffic management. Olowan said the city council showed “strong commitment” in complementing the executive department’s effort to come up with strategic interventions to solve traffic congestion in the city and to combat the phenomenon called ‘carmageddon’ during the peak season.
    Coming third in the ranking is Innovating Peace and Order. The vice mayor said the legislative department had done well in legislating laws for the attainment of peace and order to sustain the city’s identity as a worthy place to study, work, live, and do business.
    “The city council will continue to do so in order to sustain what the city has been able to establish in terms of maintaining peace and order in our communities,” Olowan declared.
    Fourth in the ranking is Strengthened Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Service. Tied in the fifth rank are Responsive Education Program and Resolution of IP Land Issues and other Land Issues in the City.
    Coming behind are Revitalizing the Environment; Poverty Reduction; and Enlivened Culture, Arts, Crafts and Heritage as placed in the seventh, eighth, and ninth ranks respectively.
    Ranked tenth is Efficient Disaster Preparedness.
    Market Modernization and Empowering the Youth are tied in the eleventh rank; Empowered and Accountable Barangay Governance is ranked thirteenth; and Speeding up Government Action is ranked fourteenth.
    Placed at the bottom of the ranking is Responsible Tourism.
    Olowan said the sixteenth point agenda which is “Happiness” was not included in the ranking because, according to him, “it is an abstract concept which can only be attained through tangible and concrete goals.     When all our plans and goals are realized, only then can we achieve happiness.”
    He further claimed that the realization of the 15-point agenda of the City Government of Baguio “will lead to the contentment, well-being, and happiness of the people of Baguio.”
    Nevertheless, Mayor Benjamin Magalong explained later that Happiness will remain as part of the city government’s agenda for the next three years or so. According to him, it would be wise to measure or assess the happiness, satisfaction, wellbeing, and level of resilience of the people of Baguio using a survey called Happiness Index.
    Happiness Index focuses on 10 areas of a person’s or people’s life/lives. These are Satisfaction with life; Psychological Well Being; Physical Health; Time Balance; Lifelong Learning, Arts and Culture; Community; Social Support; Environment; Government; Standard of Living; and Work.


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