46 Baguio schools ready for senior high school

>> Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BAGUIO CITY – The Department of Education Division of City Schools announced the 46 public and private schools in the city are ready for the senior high school program during the opening of regular classes by June 13, 2016.
DepEd acting assistant regional director and concurrent City Schools Superintendent Francis Cesar Bringas said eight public schools and 38 private education institutions were already given the authority by their central office to offer senior high school which is the initial year of the implementation of the K to 12 program by the national government.
He said schools in the city that were given the provisional permits to operate and offer senior high school are capable of accommodating at least 11,000 incoming senior high school students but there are only at least 8,000 junior high school graduates in the city.
“Our schools our ready in terms of classrooms and facilities to cater to the different tracks for senior high school which is part of the K to 12 basic education program offered by the government,” Bringas stressed.
Of the 8,000 junior high school graduates in the city, he cited more than 5,100 students aware graduates from the different public schools while more than 3,900 students were able to graduate from private schools in the city.
Of the 5,100 junior high school graduates, more than 3,800 students will be enrolling in the different private schools that were accredited to offer senior high school tracks while only 1,300 students will be left to pursue their senior high school in the public schools.
The public schools that will be offering senior high school this coming school year are the Irisan National High School, Joaquin Smith National High School, Guisad Valley National High School, Baguio City National High School Main Campus, San Vicente National High School, Mil-an National High School, Sto. Tomas National High School and the stand alone senior high school in Irisan near the Philippine Science High School.
According to Bringas, education and city officials recently inaugurated the 4-storey 8-classroom senior high school building at the San Vicente National High School while other similar buildings in the different schools will be completed the soonest in time for the opening of classes by the second week of June so as not to unduly interrupt the conduct of regular classes.
In terms of the equipment to be used for the various tracks, especially technical, vocational and livelihood education, Bringas claimed there was a failure of bidding in their first attempt to bid out the required units of equipment, thus, they will be scheduling another date for the bidding of the needed TVL equipment in time for the opening of classes so that students enrolled in the said track will have the needed units of equipment for their senior high school studies.

Bringas assured the parents and guardians of incoming senior high school students that education officials are ready to address whatever problems that will crop up once classes will start so that their will be no untoward interruption in the conduct of classes in the senior high school.


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