8 types of drivers you meet on the road

>> Monday, June 27, 2016


While there may be tons of drivers you meet on the road, there are some that are easily recognizable. These are the distinctive drivers that you just can’t help but notice, who make you laugh or frustrate you like no other.
The following are the types of drivers you might meet daily on the road:
The Disc Jockey
How to spot the Disc Jockey? Don’t worry, it isn’t too hard. With the latest EDMs booming from their stereo, you’ll spot them quickly. Their windows are usually rolled down and you’ll see the driver bobbing their head in sync with the music.
They’re usually chill and are just enjoying the car ride. Some of these drivers will even look around while flashing a smile. But sometimes you’d wish they would lower the volume because you’re trying to enjoy your music too.
The Can’t-Stop-Won’t-Stop
Over speeding? Check. Beating the red light? Check. Faster than a flash? Check. These drivers are always in a rush to what seems like the best day of their life. They often break traffic rules; sometimes they get away with it, sometimes they don’t.
But frighteningly, this type of driver is usually the cause of road accidents and worse, deaths. These drivers need to review and go back to basic driving lessons. And they should also remind themselves that they’re not on a race track.
The One-Who-Can’t-Make-Up-Their-Mind
Swerve here, swerve there, swerve everywhere! One moment they’re in the inner lane, next moment they’re in the outer and then next they’re back in the inner again! They just simply can’t decide which lane to take in order to beat the traffic, but what they don’t know is that they’re causing it themselves.
While the Can’t-Stop-Won’t-Stop drivers also cause traffic congestion, the One-Who-Can’t-Make-up-Their-Mind drivers are more often the culprits. But it’s even worse when these drivers are behind the wheel of a PUV.
The Travelers
These drivers are the opposite of the Can’t-Stop-Won’t-Stop drivers. They go as slow as they can, enjoying every moment of their drive. They will drive the way they want to and don’t care if you’re late for work or for school.
Like the two previous types of drivers, they are also often the cause of heavy traffic. Good thing they are often calm and avoid confrontation!
The Buzzer
Oh, the pain in the ears when you’re next to a Buzzer! Unlike the Disc Jockey, these drivers are far more annoying, especially when the traffic is already building up. These drivers think they are a part of a TV Contest, pushing their car horn every 2 minutes.
Sometimes these drivers receive angry looks and yells from other road users. However, they will more than likely continue to make as much noise as possible.
The Real Chill
These drivers are the ones who can find fun for themselves while stuck in a heavy traffic. They sometimes roll down their windows and initiate conversation with the drivers around them. They don’t easily get in a rage; instead, they lean back and wait patiently.
These drivers are relaxed. But the bad thing about them? They tolerate the traffic rule breakers.
The Angry Ones
They don’t take excuses from anyone, especially when they’re late for work. They’re often mad at the drivers mentioned above and often start a fight at the drop of a hat. Unlike the Real Chill drivers, the Angry Ones are often seen rolling down their windows when stuck in a traffic, shouting obscenities like, “what the **** is wrong?”
These drivers are no stranger to trouble with their foul mouths and uncontrollable anger. They are the ones who get out from their cars and confront whoever they think needs some discipline- unfortunately, more often than not it is them that need a good talking to.
The Good Citizen
At last! These drivers are the ones you wish would occupy the roads more often. Since they are good citizens, they follow the traffic rules and they don’t commit traffic crimes intentionally. They are well aware of road safety and they practice it.
These drivers are the ones that everyone should be like. Like the Real Chill, they’re perceptive, but if they have a chance, they will confront you, but will be polite. So, which driver are you?!


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