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>> Sunday, June 5, 2016

Alfred P. Dizon

There are three kinds of media, according to incoming president Rodrigo Duterte – the incorruptible and crusading ones who are after the truth who write regardless of who gets hurt, the PR (press release) types who write to make their beneficiary or patron look good and the “low lifes” who attack and collect (money or favors) or defend and collect.
Those who belong to the last category, according to Duterte, are usually engaged in illegal activities like jueteng or drugs. They are the ones who usually get killed, he said.
I was glued on TV as he made his tirades, attacking the media for demanding an apology from him for making a wolf whistle when MarizUmali of GMA 7 asked a question.
He will not apologize, he said, since he was not giving sexual innuendos to Umali when he whistled. No way he will also apologize, he added for saying certain corrupt journalists deserved to be killed.In a profanity-laden press conference, he instead challenged the media to expose “hypocrisy” in their ranks. “Don’t f… with me. You know you guys, you think too much of yourself .. you want to have your cake and eat it too.”
The way Duterte talks could be offensive particularly to those who are “civilized,” mannered” or “may pinag-aralan.” But then, that’s how, he is, he says. Oh well everybody knows by this time he could lambast anybody including the Pope and Bishop Cruz.
But then, if we look at the “three types of media,” he mentioned, there is truth to what he said.
In my 33 years as a newsman, I have met a lot of these types and I could say, I agree with what he said.Journalism teachers tell students media is supposed to be the Fourth Estate with the mandate to check on excesses of government -- its three branches the legislative, executive and judiciary.In this essence they teach, media should have the “moral” ascendancy and competence to do this. But sad to say, we must admit there are bad eggs in media – those who are corrupt and we are not trying to sound holier-than-thou. We are simply stating a fact.
So when Duterte said there are indeed people in media who are corrupt, he was talking from experience. A media outfit, reporter or newscaster, can be judged by the way, as Duterte said – “slants” reports.
They can also be known whether they are for or against a certain issue – or persons. If they are “protecting“illegal drugs or gambling (like jueteng), they could also be known by their silence or the way they treat or “slant” their articles.
Duterte said what everybody in the media knew all along.
So why the howl? You go to Luisas Restaurant, the undisputed media watering hole along Session in Baguio and everybody knows the good and bad eggs. Consider this a wake-up call for the media.
As for this paper, feel free to talk about its reportage. Just email your comments and we would gladly print them.
Meanwhile, we received an e-mailed statement from the Liberal Party and Mamamayang Liberal on Duterte’s statements signed by women congressional representatives which included Kaka Bag-aooiDinagat Islands, vice president for Women and Mamamayang Liberal chairperson; Henedina Abad of Batanes, LP vice president for policy, platform and advocacy and Josephine Ramirez-Sato of Occidental Mindoro, LP secretary general and Commissioner Dioky Granada,
ML vice president for farmers and fisherfolk.
Signatories included lawyer Herminio “third” Bagro 111,
ML vice president for youth; Commissioner Ibarra Malonzo, ML vice president for labor and Jose Morales, ML vice president for urban poor.
The statement:
“We, women leaders of the Liberal Party and the Mamamayang Liberal—composed of the women, youth, workers, farmers, fisherfolk, and urban poor sectors of LP—join women advocates in calling out and condemning President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte’s sexist and offensive acts. 
“From his now world-infamous rape-slay comment to his most recent catcalling on a female broadcaster in a live press conference, Mayor Duterte’s words and actions betray a wanton disrespect for the rights and dignity of women.
“While Mayor Duterte is known for talking tough, rough, and foul, we nevertheless expect more from an incoming President who has called all sectors for unity and healing. 
“For every catcall casually made, abuse is normalized and the victims are silenced. Catcalling and rape jokes are key features of patriarchy, functioning to desensitize society to violence against women and to reproduce sexual entitlement in men. Mayor Duterte’s words only reinforce the regressive culture of patriarchy, which culture sadly reared its ugly head even more when his catcall was met with some jeering and laughter from others inside the room and even now in social media. 
“True, the road to gender equality is still far off ahead, but actions such as Mayor Duterte’s are not helping our women be finally free from patriarchy. With this, we call on our fellow citizens to stand for the dignity of women. We call on women’s groups, especially those who have given their support to the incoming Administration, to help educate our new leaders about respect for and equal treatment of women. Now, more than ever, we must ensure that the change that will come in the coming months and years is one that protects and upholds the rights and dignity of all citizens.”


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