P139 B set to construct City Camp sewer plant

>> Monday, June 13, 2016

Bidding process on 
By Dexter A See 

BAGUIO CITY – Some oP139 million was set by Cordillera office of the Department of Public Works and Highways to bankroll construction of a state-of-the-art sewerage treatment plant within City Camp Lagoon for use of nearby 15 barangays.
Engineer Edgar Enriquez, DPWH-CAR assistant chief of the planning division, said the agency is awaiting documents from the city government to allow public bidding to ascertain qualified contractor to implement the project..
Among the barangays that will benefit from the seepage plant coupled with the construction of the sewerage treatment plant include Palma-Urbano, MRR Queen of Peace, City Camp Proper, City Camp Central, Lower Rock Quarry, Middle Rock Quarry, Upper Rock Quarry, Upper Quirino-Magsaysay, Lourdes Subdivision Proper, Lower Lourdes Subdivision, Lourdes Subdivision Extension, Dominican-Mirador, Kayang Extension, Camp Filipino and parts of Quezon Hill.
The new sewerage treatment plant to be built within the City Camp Lagoon area will have a capacity of at least 7,800 cubic meters of water daily in order to prevent residents in the area from wilfully discharging their sewerage water into the various waterways in the area.
Ramirez said the sewerage treatment plant will be constructed within a safe place near the City Camp Lagoon area to make sure that it will not be affected once the volume of water in the lagoon tunnel will rise. “The implementation of the project has been closely coordinated with the city environment and parks management office which is in charge of the operation of the facility once completed and fully operational,” Enriquez said.
He said there will be minor digging activities within the project site which might affect the smooth flow of traffic along major city roads in the area but the magnitude of diggings will not be too extensive that would significantly affect the living condition of people in the place.
According to him, the pipelines leading to the sewerage treatment plant will be constructed within the sides of the waterways leading to the lagoon area which would mean that diggings on roads will be minimized.
He appealed to local residents within the 15 barangays who will be affected by the construction of the sewerage treatment plant to be patient about inconveniences that will be created by the construction activity because they will be the ones to benefit once the project will be completed.

The City Camp Lagoon sewerage treatment plant will be the second sewerage treatment plant to rise in the city after the put up of the foreign-assisted Baguio sewerage treatment plant that was built through the Japan In4ernational Cooperating Agency (JICA) within the Baliliriver. 


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