NPA hits Army search and destroy operations in Ifugao

>> Monday, October 24, 2016

‘Violation of GRP-CPP ceasefire agreement’ 

SOMEWHERE IN IFUGAO -- The Nona Del Rosario Command of the New People’s Army-Ifugao assailed the Army’s 54th Infantry Battalion for allegedly conducting operations in the province contrary to ceasefire agreement between the Government of the Philippines and the Communist Party of the Philippines.   
NDRC spokesperson Ka Wigan Moncontad said military troops had been conducting search and destroy operations against NPA guerillas since August in the province despite ceasefire order of President Duterte to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Macontad said in press statement   most Army operations are now concentrated in Asipulo and Tinoc towns including Ambaguio in Nueva Vizcaya.
Macontad said army operations were in defiance to Duterte who is their commander in chief. He added targets were also organizations and individuals perceived to be sympathetic to the CPP-NPA.
Operations, Macontad said, were also in the guise of “bayanihan” purportedly to help the people but which actually were implemented to identify leftists and make them including NPA members surrender to the government.   
Farmers were reportedly being coerced to admit they were NPA members and surrender to prop up image of military officials for promotions.
He said the offer of the Army for “safe conduct passes” to injured NPA members so they could be given medical attention in health facilities like hospitals were a farce saying they could be arrested.
He cited the case of a civilian who was portrayed as an NPA member after his case for illegal possession of firearms and explosives filed by the Army was dismissed by the court in 2010.
Last month, the civilian was reportedly arrested while he was getting police clearance so he could find a job.
They Army based in the province reportedly conduct so-called humanitarian missions but stay in homes of civilians in such areas.
Following a recent typhoon, 86th IB elements reportedly went to areas saying they would help civilians without hammers or nails to rehabilitate homes but encamped in such places.

Macontad urged the GRP and Army elements in the province to honor peace agreements even as the government and CPP are still holding talks to attain peace in the country. 


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