Diocese of Baguio starts radio program to tackle social issues

>> Thursday, November 3, 2016

BAGUIO CITY -- The Diocese of Baguio, in partnership  with  The Baguio We Want Movement,   recently launched a radio program  for discussion and analysis of  national and local issues affecting the city. 
Cenzon, during the program launching said through Shepherd’s Voice, aside from the invited guests, the public and other sectors of society will also get an opportunity to be heard   as listeners are open to share their ideas, reaction and suggestions.
They may text their   questions to the DZWT hotline or through Facebook or email.
The Bishop narrated how the program came about.  Living in Baguio for the past 14 years, he has seen the developments in the city and the sense of citizen concern and participation.
He initially thought that people are in fear to talk about what is happening in the city with a lot of criticizing and many negative points being shared about Baguio, until something good happened.
There was this voice he said  that became stronger and stronger; a voice which was saying ‘Bishop, there are people in Baguio who want to talk and they are looking for a venue, are you willing to convey?’
With the support of the Baguio Diocese and other concerned groups, Bishop Cenzon convened the  People's Summit   early last year which  gathered about  500 Baguio residents  to discuss  several issues affecting the city and  share their hopes and ideas for  the future of the  city ,  what  they want to see changed or what changes they want to see for Baguio,   and  how to put forward  these ideas for a better baguio.
This was followed by the “Pushing for the Baguio We Want” forum at University of the Philippines - Baguio in August last year launching the People’s Statement and the Baguio We Want Agenda.
So, that started the Baguio We Want Movement and now this radio program, he said.
Topic for the initial program was on traffic management and peace and order.
For the next airing of Shepherd’s Voice, budget and monitoring will be topics on Nov.r 18 and. The Dec. 16 program will tackle human rights and waste management.
The radio program is also in   coordination with the Saint Louis University. -- T. Baptista  and J. Malab


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