Bocap calls for rehab of Taccong tourism road

>> Tuesday, January 3, 2017

SAGADA, MOUNTAIN PROVINCE-Following clearing of landslides along  Madoto road  starting from Pingyan bridge  towards  Suyo and Poblacion here,  Taccong  barangay  chairman  Artemio Buteng now wants repair of long-damaged road section from the bridge towards Taccong proper.
The damaged road is part of the Taccong-Suyo  tourism road  implemented by contractor  BMK Construction and the Department of  Public Works and Highways costing  a P128 million and sub-worked  to five local contractor groups in 2015.
Said road is a continued  road project of the P100 million Madepdeppas Sabangan -Taccong  Sagada under the convergence program of the  Departments of  Tourism  and Public Works and Highways.   
Earlier the road going up towards Taccong from the Pingyan bridge was damaged with the retaining wall destroyed when heavy rains  rammed the thin protection wall late May this year. The slope protection has not yet been repaired by contractor BMK Construction  as of press time.
The damaged road section adjacent the retaining wall remains to be unconstructed. 
Due to the damaged road, folks here bring their products to the  bridge and load these in waiting public jeepneys plying the Madoto road to Poblacion.
With landslides along the  Madoto road after Super Typhoon Lawin, Buteng in a letter requested  Mayor James Pooten to facilitate clearing of said road.
Pooten endorsed said letter to DPWH -Mountain Province District Engineer Wilbur LIkigan reiterating need for clearing operations on said  road.
Likigan in an interview said the road was implemented by the regional office and thus clearing is also their responsibility.
Said road damage was recently cleared by DPWH men from the Mountain Province and regional office enabling motorists now to pass on the road.

Residents here at Taccong and nearby  Nacagang  are  glad there is a road now  so they could bring their products to the Poblacion market. 


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