Abra councilor hunted for shooting old farmer

>> Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LICUAN-BAAY, Abra – A town councilor here is now being hunted by police for shooting a 77-year-old farmer around 6:30 a.m. April 9 in Barangay Tumalip.
The victim was identified as Rodolfo Bautista Torres while the suspect was named as Periam Jaquias Tadeo, 66, member of the sangguniang bayan.
Both are residents of place of incident.
Police investigation disclosed around 6 a.m. that day, Louisa Tadeo Torres, wife of the victim, went to Barangay Plaza to help clean the area and met Helen Sopriano who was also cleaning.
Ms Torres asked Sopriano why she did not sweep their backyard.
Sopriano replied that she was instructed by Tadeo not to clean the said area then went to Tadeo’s place. 
After a while, Tadeo came out shouting and threatened Ms Torres he will kill her then suddenly slapped her face.
The incident was witnessed by the victim that prompted him to approach the suspect allegedly with a bolo but the suspect shot him at the left side of his chest.
The victim was rushed to Dr. Petronilo Seares Memorial Hospital, Zone 3, Bangued Abra for medical treatment. A police report did not say the victim’s condition.

Responding personnel of Licuan-Baay MPS recovered one fired cartridge case believed to be of Caliber .380 in the crime scene.  The suspect could not be located in the area but responding personnel learned that he already left for Bangued, Abra. 


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