Old man commits suicide in Sadanga

>> Sunday, October 8, 2017

SADANGA, Mountain Province – A 62-year-old man allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself at their house here around 8:30 Tuesday.
Police identified the victim as Mas-e Chopchopen Tecag of Poblacion.
Investigation disclosed Chopchopen with his wife and fellow farmers came from the field and had a drinking spree before going home. Chopchopen and his wife later went home and while resting he asked his daughter why she was scolding her child but her daughter replied that she was not doing so.
After their conversation, Chopchopen reportedly went to their bed and rest uttering unsavory words while his wife was busy cooking. After an hour, the wife called the victim for them to eat but he refused so the wife went to see their neighbor. That after a while, a neighbor  heard a voice telling him to inform the wife to check his husband at their house.
She noticed that her husband was not present at their bed so she went out to see their old house and she was shocked to see his husband hanging. She sought assistance from their neighbors and removed the rope tied to the victim’s neck but Chopchopen was already dead.

Investigation disclosed there is no sign of foul play and no suicide note found at the place of incident. The victim’s vigil was held at at their residence at Sitio Fangek, Barangay Poblacion.


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