P4-M slope protection proj to lessen Trinidad farmers’ losses

>> Tuesday, October 10, 2017

By Ma. Imelda Isabel B. Zabala

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet -- Farmers and residents of Barangay Alapang here will now be delivering their goods to the market without worrying about road obstruction during rainy days.
Drawing to a close is the construction of  the P4, 086,000 worth
1.76-km slope protection designed to protect the agricultural area and residential lots of 3,735 of Sitio Alapang Proper and Atoy residents.
Engineer Elsa P. Gaspar, rural infrastructure engineer assigned in Benguet said prior to construction, the road was concreted and narrow without drainage canal and slope protection. 
              During rainy months, landslides obstruct the road.
Farmers experienced losses and high spoilage rate of their agricultural products as a result.
              In response, the PRDP funded construction of a 1.76 kilometer slope protection structure to prevent erosion and reduce losses.


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