Let Progress and Development Radiate in Mountain Province

>> Saturday, May 4, 2019

Let Progress and Development Radiate in Mountain Province
Peace and Order
Yes to Tourism and Cultural Development
Social Services

We envision a province where peace, social justice and prosperity reign. Let us make Mountain Province a more developed and progressive province wherein its constituents have a sense of security and pride.

INFRASTRUCTURE – Having a limited IRA share, we will work closely with other national line agencies and other funding institutions to augment our limited funds for the improvement/construction of our provincial roads, farm to market roads, bridges, education and health care facilities, irrigation, agricultural support facilities and other impact projects that are responsive to the needs of our people. Such infrastructure programs will be of excellent quality so that they will be disaster resilient.

PEACE AND ORDER – Adopt and strengthen our policy on renouncing all forms of violence and war. We encourage peaceful dialogues in resolving conflicts. We are committed to a principle that good governance, leveling the playing field and providing opportunities especially to our marginalized constituents will result to peaceful and orderly communities. Let us work to have a province with a drug free community and God-loving people living in harmony.

EDUCATION AND SPORTS DEVELOPMENT– Craft a scholarship program for deserving students who have less in life. Strengthen our sports development program. Work closely with the Dep-Ed, CHED, TESDA and other agencies to reach out to our youth.

YES TO TOURISM AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT - We work for the promotion and regulation of the tourism industry in the province. Develop and promote tourism sites    and potentials. Promote and protect our diverse cultural traditions as a means of preserving our cultural/tribal identities. Work with the DOT in regulating and providing assistance to further train, equip and professionalize our tour guides, drivers, ethnic weavers, homestays and other tourism related institutions.  Promote Ecological Tourism as a means of conserving our environment.

AGRICULTURE – Assist and guide our vegetable farmers to be globally competitive. Work for the regulation of unabated vegetable importation that is killing the vegetable industry. Support the coffee and livestock industries. Promote sustainable agriculture.

SOCIAL SERVICES – Strengthen our partnership with other national line agencies and NGO’s in relation to our program on the protection of the marginalized sectors of our society namely; the elderly, women, children and the PWDs; provision of financial aid to our SPED institutions, to cancer and kidney dialysis patients.

Work for the upliftment of the Bontoc General Hospital and other district hospitals to be hospitals-of-choice for our people. Provide the necessary support to our Barangay Health Workers and Health Clinics. Strengthen our partnership with the DOH especially in their proactive health programs.
With your support, we can make Mountain Province go forward and not backwards… The path to progress needs a COMPETENT and a WORKING administration to steer and lead us to a better future for all.


Go for the right choice. Vote Engr. EDUARDO TAMIING LATAWAN for Governor.


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