BBM, Sara, incumbents win in MP; actor Robin Padilla is top senator

>> Wednesday, May 18, 2022

By Gina Dizon

BONTOC, Mountain Province -- Former senator and presidential candidate Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas) emerged as top choice among 75,705 voters representing 78.6% of the 96,217 electorate who voted among 115,925 registered voters of Mountain Province, official records from the Provincial Commission on Elections revealed.
    Here in Mountain Province, Vice President  and presidential candidate Leni Robredo (Independent) came in a far second with  8,765 votes representing 9.1 percent of the total votes cast followed by fellow presidential  aspirants  Sen. Manny  Pacquiao (PROMDI- Progressive Movement for the Devolution of Initiatives or Probinsya Muna Development)  with 3,693 votes; incumbent senator Panfilo Lacson (PDR- Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)  with 2,705 votes; incumbent Manila Mayor Domagoso Isko Moreno (Aksyon Demokratiko)  with 1,985 votes:  labor leader Leody de Guzman  (PLM- Partido Lakas ng Masa ) with 176 votes; businessman Ernie Abella  (Independent) with 154 votes, Dr. Jose Montemayor (DPP-Democratic Party of the Philippines) with  165 votes; former Defense and national security secretary Norberto Gonzales (PDSP-Philippine Democratic Socialist Party) with 106 votes and businessman Mangondato Faizal (Katipunan ng Kamalayang Kayumanggi) with 57 votes.
    Marcos’  running Uniteam  mate Davao City Mayor and vice presidential candidate Sara Duterte  (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats) emerged winner as Vice President with 69,970 votes  followed by vice presidential aspirants  incumbent last termer  Senate President and vice presidential candidate Vicente Sotto (National Peoples Coalition)  with 10,002 votes;  incumbent re-electionist Senator Francis Kiko Pangilinan (Liberal Party) with 6,977 and Doc Willie Ong (Aksyon Demokratiko) with  2,625 votes.
    Mountain Province incumbent Congressman Maximo Dalog Jr (NPC- Nationalist Peoples Coalition) retained his post with 52,927 votes over congressional candidate former Sabangan mayor-engineer Jupiter Dominguez (Lakas-CMD) with 41,437 votes.
    Incumbent Gov. Bonifacio Lacwasan (PDPLaban) also retained his post having secured 76,104 votes against gubernatorial candidate Albert Paday-os (Ind) with 9,121 votes.  
    Also, incumbent Vice Gov. Francis Tauli (PDP Laban) had 43,143 votes against vice gubernatorial candidate Bauko mayor Abraham Akilit (Nationalista Party) with 40,240 votes and Alexandre Claver (+) (Aksyon) with 2,489 votes.
    In Mountain Province, Number 1 senatorial candidate actor Robin Padilla  (PDPLaban) won  with overwhelming 52,599 votes  followed by broadcaster Ramon Tulfo (Ind) with 45,150 votes; former senator and incumbent Antique congresswoman Loren Legarda with 37,077 votes; former Ifugao congressman Teddy  Baguilat (LP) with 34, 446 votes; former Highways (DPWH)  Secretary Mark Villar (Nationalista Party) with 34,194 votes;  former senator and Taguig-Pateros congressman Allan Peter Cayetano  (Ind)  with 29,105 votes;  re-electionist senator Sherwin Gatchalian( NPC) with 25 591 votes;   former senator Jingoy Estrada ( PMP-Pwersa ng Masang Pillipino) with 25,569 votes;  former senator JV Ejercito  (NPC) with 24528  votes ; former senator  and Sorsogon governor Francis Chiz Escudero, former  senator Joel Villanueva and former senator and former vice president Jejomar Binay(UNA-United Nationalist Alliance) with 23,961 votes.
    Top five winning party lists in Mountain Province were IWI(Igorot Warriors International) with 9,702 votes, Peace Epanaw with 9,431 votes; ACT-CIS with  3597 votes; Philreca with 3,880 votes and DIWA with  2,416 votes.
    Winning Board Members for District 1 composed of Paracelis, Natonin, Barlig, Bontoc and Sadanga were former board member Ezra Gomez (LDP-Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino) with 19,066 votes; incumbent board member Joshua Fronda (PDPLaban) with 18,931; incumbent board member Onsat Federino (PDPLaban) with 18,275 votes and former board member Carino Tamang (+) with 18,233 votes.
    Nurse by profession Angel Moises Tamang filed his certificate of candidacy and certificate of nomination and acceptance on April 11 as a substitute to his father board member candidate CariƱo Tamang who died of gunshot wounds on March 6 this year. 
    District 2 composed of Sagada, Besao, Sabangan, Tadian and Sagada recorded winning Board Members incumbent mayor of Besao Johnson Bantog (Ind) who got 24,876 votes followed by Ricardo Masidong (NP) with 23,222 votes; incumbent board member Henry Bastian (PDPLaban) with 19,159 votes and incumbent board member Jose Danglose (PDP Laban) with117,407 votes.
    Meantime, unofficial counts from Comelec data transmitted to Halalan 2022 of ABS-CBN showed most mayors of Mountain Province were new.
    The municipality of Bauko has incumbent board member of Mt Province Randy Awisan (PDPLaban) with 10,014 votes who won as Mayor of Bauko; and Vice Mayor Badecao, Bartolo (NP) with 6,367 votes.
The winning councilors of Bauko are Sili, Ashley (PDP Laban) of 8,295 votes, Lumpisa, Gil (Ind) Of 7,261 Votes,     Tanggacan, Tomas (PDPLbn) of 6,053 votes; Capuyan, Edna (Ind) of 6,035 votes; Patnay, Eduardo (Ind) of 5,858 votes; Gaoken, Mario (Ind) of 5,639 votes; Codod, Jackson (Ind) of 5,548 votes and Taganas, Arcadio (Pdplbn) of 5,466 votes.
    Winning Besao mayor was Butch Bacwaden  (IND) with 2,686 votes and winning vice mayor Elizabeth Buyagan (IND) with 2,602 votes.
    Winning councilors of Besao are priest Ambucay, Johnny (Ind) with 2,258 votes; Pekas, Arleigh (Ind) with 1,993 Votes; Clemente, Raphael (Ind) 1,883 votes; Lacsigen, Joel (Ind) with 1,738 votes; Mangallay, Marcos (Ind) 1,733 votes; Ballang, Benny (Ind) 1,566 votes; Bosigen, Henry (Pdplbn) with 1,540 votes; and Beyden, Alfredo (Ind) with 1,417 votes.
    Incumbent Sabangan Mayor Marcial Lawilao Jr (PFP) retained his post with 4,516 votes and vice mayor elect Rodolfo Mencion (IND) as 2,762 votes.
    Winner-Councilors of Sabangan are Bacog, Roman (Ind) with 3,084 votes; Lipawen, Venancio (Ind) with 3,032 votes; Boguilis, Henrico (Ind) with 2,917 votes; Altaki, Crispin (Ind) With 2,876 votes; Litilit, Enrique (Pdplbn) with 2,874 votes; Malamion, Wily (Ind) With 2,672 votes; Bas-Ilen, Roger (NP) with 2,581 votes and Sudicalan, Gabin Rhey (Ind) with 2,572 votes.
    In the tourist town of Sagada, incumbent Vice Mayor and contender for mayor Felicito Dula  (IND) won with 3,984 votes. And so with incumbent councilor David Tallusen Buyagan (IND) who won 3,514 votes as vice mayor.
Winning Councilors of Sagada were a lone woman number one winning councilor candidate Taltala, Andrea (Ind) with 3,270 votes; Gomgom-o, Kapon (NP) with 2,707 votes; Aclayan, Mokyat (Ind) with 2,546 votes; Dapliyan, Davis (NP) with 2,361 votes; Padawil, Tambol (Ind) with 2,355 votes; Lumbaya, Fermin (Ind) with 2,347 votes; Capuyan, Benjamin (Ind) With 2,310 votes; and Kibatay, Felicito Jr. (Ind) with 2,182 votes.
    Tadian with unopposed incumbent mayor Constito Masweng (PDPLBN) with 8,193 votes retained his post and so with unopposed George Bisen Jr. (Ind) with 7,606 votes as vice mayor.
    Winning councilors of Tadian were Kidit, Juniper Sr. (NP) with 5,353 votes; Ladiong, William (Ind) with 4,978 Votes; Adeban, Rey (Ind) with 4,806 votes; Malamnao, John Jr. (Ind) with 4,663 votes;     Cawalo, Edmund (Ind) with 4,409 votes; Balangoy, Adolf (Ind) with 3,837 votes; Atipen, Laurence (Lakas) with 3,833 votes; and Abadod, James (Ind) With 3,764 votes.
    In District 1, incumbent Mayor Clark Ngaka of Barlig won with 2,370 Votes along with vice mayor Delio Focad (Ind) with1,853 votes.
    Winning Barlig councilors are Sapguian, Benjie (NP) with 1,471 votes; Agyao, Rolly (Ind) with 1,376 votes; Awe, Rodrigo (NP) with 1,368 votes; Polec-Eo, Boas (NP) with 1,328 votes; Mad-Eo, Consuelo (Ind) with 1,293 votes; Awingan, Conard (Ind) with 1,186 votes; Sidchayao, Edmundo (Ind) with 1,138 votes and  Kumanab, Artimas (Ind) with 1,107 votes.
    In the capital town of Bontoc, incumbent Councilor Tudlong, Chagsen (PRP) won with 3,378 votes with a close fight with incumbent Councilor lawyer Patingan, Alsannyster (Ind) with 3,215 votes and mayoral aspirant Dacyon, Robert (Ind) with 3,063 votes. Unopposed incumbent Vice Mayor Kabluyen, Eusebio (Ind) remained with 9,363 votes.
    Winning Councilors for Bontoc Municipality are Sokoken, Dan Evert (Ind) with 5,054 votes; Kalangeg, Jupiter Jule (Ind) with 5,031 votes; Bacala, Glenn (Ind) with 4,765 votes; Pongad, Timothy Jr. (Ind) with 4,632 votes; Kedawen, Peter (Ind) with 4,329 votes; Chumacog, Julian (Ind) with 4,174 votes; Odsey, Benedict Ii (NP) with 3,907 votes and  Okko, Viola (NP) with 3,844 votes.
    Incumbent Natonin Mayor Jose Agagon (Ind) won with 3,737 votes while    Lapasen, Raymundo (Ind) with 4,472 votes won as vice mayor.
    Winning Councilors of Natonin are  Bulawe, Rafael (Ind) with 3,328 votes; Biangalen,Jose (Ind) with 2,974 votes; Chumilang, Jerry (Ind) with 2,875 votes;  Pangsiw, Leon (Ind) with 2,817 votes; Magranga, Fernando Jr. (Ind) with 2,699 votes; Linggayo, Fernandez (Ind) with 2,615 votes; Fangonon, Oscar (Ind) with 2,481 votes and Todco, Jimmy (Ind) with 2,454 votes.
    Vote -rich Paracelis’ winning Mayor is Avelino Amangyen (Ind) with 9,220 votes followed by incumbent Mayor Dr. Ayangwa, Marcos (Ind) with 5,185 votes.
    At press time, the Comelec second division ordered the cancellation of the certificate of candidacy (COC) of Avelino Amangyen for lying about a conviction in a criminal case in an April 19, 2022 ruling.
    The Comelec division ruled “in view of the respondent’s conviction by final judgment of an offense which carried with it the accessory penalty of perpetual absolute disqualification, Respondent (Amangyen) is in effect ineligible to run for office pursuant to Section 12 of the OEC (Omnibus Election Code).
    Such ineligibility, which took effect as soon as the judgment against him attained finality contradicts material representations in his COC.”
    Winning Paracelis vice mayor is Djarma Rafael (Ind) with 6,968 votes
    Winning Councilors of Paracelis are Basungit, Lito (Pdplbn) with 7,663 votes; Calunnag, Crispin (Ind) with 6,654 votes; Gusimat, Ateneo Sr. (NP) with 5,697 votes; Lappao, Marciano Jr. (Ind) with 5,348 votes; Banggolay, John (Ind) with 5,290 votes; Assud, Alfredo Jr. (Ind) with 4,624 votes; Pudlao, Andrew Sr. (Ind) with 4,334 votes and  Sinoli, Willy (Ind) With 4,332 votes.
    Sadanga’s candidate for mayor the late Mayor Engr Gabino Ganggangan (NP) won with 2,757 votes; and winning vice mayor Paul Farong-ey (NP) with 3,086 votes.
    The late Mayor Ganggangan died due to cardiac arrest January 29 this year and substituted by his son,  Engr Adolf “Angili” Ganggangan.
    Winning  Councilors of Sadanga are Ackut, Geraldo (Ind) with 1,730 votes; Fattit, Alonso (Ind) with 1,582 Votes; Dawadeo, Dongpop (Pdplbn) With 1,543 votes; Ayao-Ao, Albert (Ind) with 1,524 votes; Gayyaman, Jonathan (Ind) with 1,497 votes; Chakiwag, Rufino (Ind) with 1,408 votes; Atiwen, Ruben (Pdplbn) with 1,357 votes; and Terpaken, Jose Jr. (Ind) with 1,346 votes. – With a report from Alpine Killa-Malwagay


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